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gush (forth) (from someone or something)

 and gush (forth) (out of someone or something); gush (out) (from someone or something) to spout out of someone or something.
(Can be words, water, blood, vomit, etc. The optional elements cannot be transposed.) The blood gushed forth from his wound. Curses gushed forth from Sharon. Water gushed forth out of the broken pipe. The words gushed out from her mouth. The curses gushed from her mouth in torrents.

gush over someone or something

1. Lit. [for liquid] to flood over someone or something. The floodwaters gushed over the farmland. The hot soup gushed over the cook as the huge pot tipped over.
2. Fig. [for someone] to heap praise, flattery, and compliments on someone or something. Aunt Mattie always gushed over us children so much that we dreaded her coming. All the guests gushed over my beet salad.
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gush with something

[for something] to flow with something. The stream gushed with the sudden runoff of the storm. The faucet gushed with brownish water, so I turned it off.
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gush over

To speak or write about something or someone with wild enthusiasm: They returned from the new store and gushed over the great shoes they had bought.
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Suddenly, a stream of water gushes through a hole in the ice.
Creamy and delicious and baked in a graham cracker nut crust, our new 6 Carb Original Cheesecake has all of the great taste of our Original Cheesecake with 6 net carbs per slice," gushes The Cheesecake Factory Web site.
The attention to detail is heavenly," gushes Gill's Web site (www.
Even Pliny (not a man to offer a joke if a solemn aphorism could he used instead) enjoyed playfulness sometimes, for instance in a curved marble bench in his Tuscan garden from which 'water gushes out from under the seat as if pressed out by the weight of people sitting there, [it] is caught in a stone cistern then held in a polished marble basin which is regulated by a hidden device so as to remain full without overflowing .
Though horrible, stringy, meaty stuff gushes out the top of the leg, and a cut on its side reveals globules of what looks like caviar, it's a perfectly elegant still life--very deliberate, technically perfect, and utterly unsensational.
He's also very funny: when Lalo is honored at the White House alongside Edward Albee, Lionel Hampton, and Stephen Sondheim, Danny gushes to his father: ``You're the only one here I haven't heard of