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gunboat diplomacy

Diplomacy that uses the threat of military action as a way to ensure the outcome one wants. If that country's president continues to defy the terms of the treaty, we'll have to resort to gunboat diplomacy.
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and battleships
n. big feet; big shoes. Get those battleships off my sofa! Hasn’t he got the biggest gunboats you ever saw?
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Healey, however, denied press reports that shots were fired or that there had been any radio contact between the Israeli gunboats and his ship prior to the hit.
The success of this battle encouraged Secretary Mallory to contract two more armored gunboats to be named the Tennessee and the Arkansas.
It is reportedly the third time over the last few months that Turkish gunboats have accosted or harassed research vessels near or inside the EEZ.
I have assembled them into the shape of a gunboat which was designed by his company while he was alive.
Hearts captain Steven Pressley threatens a new way of dealing with Vladimir Romanov's intrusion, involving gunboats.
Gunboat Ann's other offspring included Gunboat Jeff (Irish Cesarewitch) and Super Gunboat (Irish Grand National), while her half-sister Sunset Blonde (Summerhill Gem-Black Survivor) threw the Irish St Leger victor Deerfield Sunset.
Fisk: We're coming out of Qana, and there's this this gunboat firing, and we slow to a stop.
According to PCHR's investigations, at approximately 10:15 on Tuesday, 19 February 2013, an Israeli gunboat attacked a Palestinian fishing boat, boarding 2 fishermen, sailing 1 nautical miles off al-Sundaniya shore in the northern Gaza Strip.
A small civil watercraft had been targeted yesterday evening by a US gunboat causing the death of an Indian fisherman and injury of three others.
Exhibits, bookstore, the USS Cairo gunboat and museum, Vicksburg National Cemetery, and more are all part of this historical park.
At least six Tamil Tiger rebels were killed and eight Sri Lankan Navy personnel went missing Saturday when rebels blew up their trawler and sank a naval gunboat that approached the vessel for inspection.
It is a tale of mystery, superstition, ill omen and controversy surrounding the 691-ton composite gunboat HMS Wasp, one of the first of her class.
Now that she has been retired, bring the Geordie Gunboat home, let her lie alongside the Newcastle Quayside as a tribute to the region, don't let her be scrapped.
An Israeli gunboat and a helicopter fired several rockets at targets in Gaza City in synchronised attacks several minutes apart last night.