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Gumshoe [R] is a way to do both; help the environment and help homeowners protect their most important investment.
And so for the next 90 minutes we chatted away over cheesecake and decaf, animatedly comparing the courage, brains, and wry wit of our favorite gumshoes, reminding me once again that while detective stories are regularly scorned as low-grade pulp, these mysteries remain the most pervasive and popular genre of modern literature-outselling all competitors and getting translated into languages from Arabic to Zulu.
Thus for the bug-savvy gumshoe, a maggot's biological clock can provide a highly accurate measure of a body's postmortem interval, or PMI -- a variable that very much interests murder investigators.
The nation's number-one gumshoe seems to have missed an important clue.
When the Keller Williams NYC agent spotted a Chelsea apartment sitting empty, she put her best gumshoe skills to work.
It's the 1970s, and with the era of peace and love fast receding into the rear-view mirror, we meet permanentlystoned gumshoe Doc (Joaquin Phoenix).
LIAM Neeson, pictured, is a cynical gumshoe tasked with finding a kidnapped woman in this enjoy ably nasty thriller, adapted from Lawrence Block's book.
A Walk Among The Tombstones 114mins 15 LIAM Neeson is a cynical gumshoe tasked with finding out who killed a kidnap victim in this enjoyably nasty thriller, adapted from Lawrence Block's book.
Five-time Hugo Award winner Mike Resnick presents Cat on a Cold Tin Roof, a mystery novel starring one-bill-away-from-bankruptcy gumshoe Eli Paxton.
The key elements of a gumshoe mystery combine with exciting historical details to build this fast-faced narrative.
He is gumshoe Harry Angel on the trail of a missing musician.
Technology and law enforcement; from gumshoe to gamma rays.
Fox has its own twist on the immortal gumshoe theme; in drama "New Amsterdam," a man cursed with immortality has to have his nose rubbed in it every day as he goes about his work as a Gotham homicide detective.
Made by Gumshoe Girls, Denver, (303) 795-7149, WWW.