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absolve from guilt

To consider innocent, clear of all suspicion, or pardon from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were absolved from guilt by the heads of the church.
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absolved from guilt

Considered innocent, cleared of all suspicion, or pardoned from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were regarded as absolved from guilt because of their religious patronage.
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guilt complex

A very strong and persistent feeling of guilt regarding something or some event. John developed a guilt complex after forcing his brother to move out.
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guilt trip

1. noun A deep feeling of guilt or remorse. I'm having a guilt trip for not being able to attend my sister's wedding.
2. verb To make others feel guilty, especially in an attempt to manipulate them. Kelly's parents were always trying to guilt trip her for not giving them grandchildren. You can't guilt trip me into donating money, I give enough to charity already.
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a guilt trip

a strong feeling of guilt I'm on a guilt trip about not visiting my parents often enough.
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send somebody on a guilt trip

  (British informal) also lay/put a guilt trip on somebody (American informal)
to make someone feel very guilty I'm tired of environmentalists who put a guilt trip on the rest of us for causing pollution with our life styles. She's sent me on a guilt trip about my treatment of Steven.
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lay a (heavy) trip on someone

1. tv. to criticize someone. There’s no need to lay a trip on me. I agree with you.
2. tv. to confuse or astonish someone. After he laid a heavy trip on me about how the company is almost broke, I cleaned out my desk and left.
3. and lay a guilt trip on someone tv. to attempt to make someone feel very guilty. Why do you have to lay a guilt trip on me? Why don’t you go to a shrink? Keep your problems to yourself. Don’t lay a trip on me!
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lay a guilt trip on someone

See also: guilt, lay, on, trip

lay a guilt trip on

To make or try to make (someone) feel guilty.
See also: guilt, lay, on, trip
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Fathers also said family-related guilt was associated with time away from their wives and children, while mothers' guilt was associated with time away from their children.
Previous research has linked the precuneus with the processing of self-attribution, responsibility, causal reasoning, and "moral transgression" guilt.
They added that from an embodied cognition framework, they predicted that recalling personal unethical acts would imbue feelings of guilt that would be embodied as greater sensations of weight.
To date only a few studies have investigated guilt in the context of obsessional phenomena.
A more positive perspective on guilt can be found in the empirical work of June Tangney and her colleagues.
The following section explains why the experience of guilt among organizational communication decision-makers has the potential to influence the extent to which accommodative or defensive approaches are adopted.
Maddison acknowledges that guilt can be a debilitating emotion, paralysing our capacity to take action and fostering a sense of moral elitism.
Sexual guilt is typically defined as: "a generalized expectancy for self-mediated punishment for violating standards of proper sexual conduct.
I mumbled about having to work (guilt), then realised I was unable to refuse two small people and a talking cat (guilt), so snuggled down for four episodes (guilt), rustling from my beached whale impersonation (guilt) only when husband returned with coffee and bacon rolls (huge guilt - but not until I'd finished them).
Especially, 'self-aware' consumers who are targeted by marketing practitioners through marketing communications live in paradoxes of contemporary consumer culture; through marketing communication some products are positioned as objects of desires or emancipation, yet some others refer to cultural values and norms, ideology of self-control and utilitarian consumption and appeal to guilt feelings.
Summary: Sunday Mirror reporter Simon Wright has World Cup charges against him dropped after paying an admission of guilt fine.
We only have to look at the behaviour of MPs, ankers and some of our footballers to realise accepting guilt and shame is regarded a sign of weakness whereas threatening to sue pays dividends.
Guilt is a very strange emotion, that almost all of humanity seems to feel.
Recent work on the psychological distinctions between shame and guilt has important implications for mental health counselors.
Stop common guilt trips from scuppering your weight-loss success.