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I will not pursue these guesses for I have no right to call them more - since the shades of reflection upon which they are based are scarcely of sufficient depth to be appreciable by my own intellect, and since I could not pretend to make them intelligible to the understanding of another.
You are inclined to go a little too far, my good boy, with your guesses," said Mrs.
Strangers were allowed three guesses, and most of them guessed a different tune each time.
Owing to the heat of the day, luncheon was generally a silent meal, when people observed their neighbors and took stock of any new faces there might be, hazarding guesses as to who they were and what they did.
Caleb Garth, having little expectation and less cupidity, was interested in the verification of his own guesses, and the calmness with which he half smilingly rubbed his chin and shot intelligent glances much as if he were valuing a tree, made a fine contrast with the alarm or scorn visible in other faces when the unknown mourner, whose name was understood to be Rigg, entered the wainscoted parlor and took his seat near the door to make part of the audience when the will should be read.
Constantly we scanned the horizon for signs of smoke, venturing guesses as to our chances of rescue; but darkness settled, and the black night enveloped us without ever the sight of a speck upon the waters.
Norman of Torn, if you are not the son of the old man you call father may God forfend that England ever guesses your true parentage.
We discussed the manuscript and hazarded guesses concerning it and the strange events it narrated.
Perhaps Charlie Sloane had guessed and told his guesses for truth.
The newspapers hazarded countless guesses and surmises, and Daylight was constantly dogged by a small battalion of reporters.
The totality of the minute, simple world of the humans, microscopic and negligible as it was in the siderial universe, was as far beyond his guessing as is the siderial universe beyond the starriest guesses and most abysmal imaginings of man.