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They are mine,' answered the Dragon scornfully, 'for I shall only give them one riddle which they will never be able to guess.
You're the only real white man that's ever happened to me, and I guess I'm not going to play you a low-down trick like spoiling your life.
It'll hurt some, I guess, but I reckon you'll be glad you did.
Nay, if it is to be guesswork, let us all guess for ourselves.
Which were occupied and which not he could not even guess, so he was compelled to take considerable chances to gain the enclosure in which he could hear the restless beasts squealing and quarrelling among themselves.
Alec said remorsefully, as he strained his eyes through the dusk, fancying he saw a small figure sitting in the garden as it had sat on the keg the night before, laying the generous little plot that had cost more than he could guess.
I guess he'll be as happy as your wife," retorted Felicity reddening.
So she must guess blindly; and for the first time the girl came to realize how dangerous was her task, and how likely she was to lose her own freedom in striving to free others from the bondage of the Nome King.
I guess already that you have been stuck in the ribs with a knife.
snapped Nancy, wringing her rag so hard her fingers ached from the strain; "I guess it ain't CHILDREN what is MOST unnecessary just now, just now!
Well, you can go," answered the princess, gazing at her daughter's embarrassed face and trying to guess the cause of her embarrassment.
I guess you sure could," Billy proclaimed enthusiastically.
It was one of Steve Hassell's carriages, I guess, unless the lady took a hansom.
It ain't easy to talk when your lips is like leather, but I guess I'd best let you know how the cards lie.
He is a fresh-complexioned, middle-sized young man, not far, one would guess, from his thirtieth year.