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We definitely have to get better guarding the dribble.
No guard had a buddy on the outside who'd been killed in the previous days or weeks by someone who looked a lot like the people he was now guarding.
For example, wherever I travel these days, I see people guarding things.
On these pages I show you four pictures I've made of people guarding things.
Since most point guards "quarterback" the fast break, we believe in guarding them tightly.
The tough thing about this is that they will sometimes find themselves guarding a different player than the one they guarded the previous time down the court.
When Gbewonyo isn't guarding Funn, the task will fall to junior guard Mariama Wrighster.
But Almanzar, a staff sergeant, didn't expect to end up stationed less than a hundred miles from his West Covina home, guarding Edwards Air Force Base.
Defensively, Carrillo would prefer to hound the player she's guarding but can't afford to take that chance of being beaten off the dribble.
Stockton also causes fear in his opponents who aren't guarding him.