guard against

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guard against someone or something

to take care to avoid someone or something. Try to guard against getting a cold. You should guard against pickpockets.
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These were certainly of an odd and varied kind, but each was given in simple good faith, with a kindly word, and a blessing, and that same strange mixture of fear-meaning movements which I had seen outside the hotel at Bistritz-- the sign of the cross and the guard against the evil eye.
The two tents housing the four white members of the Bumper party were close together, and it was decided that the night would be divided into four watches, to guard against possible treachery on the part of the Beecher crowd.
It was not unusual for those who wended home alone at midnight, to keep the middle of the road, the better to guard against surprise from lurking footpads; few would venture to repair at a late hour to Kentish Town or Hampstead, or even to Kensington or Chelsea, unarmed and unattended; while he who had been loudest and most valiant at the supper-table or the tavern, and had but a mile or so to go, was glad to fee a link-boy to escort him home.
But at the outset it seemed necessary to be on guard against the other two.
With no small wonder he received his master's commands to admit the holy man immediately; and, having previously manned the entrance to guard against surprise, he obeyed, without further scruple, the commands which he had received.
To guard against any interruption to the voyage by the armed brig, said to be off the harbor, Mr.
There was one of the tribe of Tarzan who questioned his authority, and that was Terkoz, the son of Tublat, but he so feared the keen knife and the deadly arrows of his new lord that he confined the manifestation of his objections to petty disobediences and irritating mannerisms; Tarzan knew, however, that he but waited his opportunity to wrest the kingship from him by some sudden stroke of treachery, and so he was ever on his guard against surprise.
At all events we are well aware that poetry being such as we have described is not to be regarded seriously as attaining to the truth; and he who listens to her, fearing for the safety of the city which is within him, should be on his guard against her seductions and make our words his law.
The dungeon where Rosa had induced her father to hide himself, and where for the present we must leave the two, offered to them a perfectly safe retreat, being known only to those in power, who used to place there important prisoners of state, to guard against a rescue or a revolt.
Noa Noah, aided by Matapuu, were instructed to take charge of the working-gangs as fast as they came in, to keep them amused, and to guard against their being stampeded into making a break themselves.
Mix the beverage in a cold cup, partake with moderation, and keep a wet rag around your head to guard against over-excitement.
So Darrick Martin had to carry the load at point guard against ex-UCLA teammate Tyus Edney.
Our mission is to increase public awareness about how to guard against travel scams and other types of fraud.
The action taken by the Board of Directors is designed to protect the long-term value of the shareholders' investment in WatchGuard, to assure that all shareholders receive fair and equal treatment in the event of any proposed takeover, and to guard against partial tender offers, squeeze-outs, open market accumulations, and other coercive tactics to gain control of WatchGuard without paying all shareholders a fair control premium.
And it has all but officially been announced that reserve David Pratchard of Canyon High School will start at left guard against Arizona on Saturday.