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Most could be the boy or girl next door, but wearing the cheapest, grungiest clothes they could find, plus maybe a gas mask or a bandana to either ward off tear gas or pepper spray or hide their identities from police or press cameras.
Few of us can be sufficiently arrogant not to see the teensiest bit of our teenage selves in Kevin and Perry as they stumble around Ibiza in the grungiest of clothes, clumsily aspiring to be "loved-up DJs".
Well, get ready to wear your grungiest jeans to town, and be right in style.
Comments: Dressed in your best suit or your grungiest attire, you're at ease here, eating at wooden picnic tables on a floor covered with sawdust.
Poll Reveals Spring Cleaning is Annual Ritual for 58% of Women; Find Out the Right Way to Tackle the Grungiest Jobs around Your House
No instructions like that from Dick when the script-writers had to move even the grungiest villain out of a bar and into a milk bar - where he downed a glass of full cream.
Kids, endear yourself to your parents by wearing your grungiest or tartiest clothes on Christmas Day.
Stripped of fake tan, hair messed up and with her make-up at its grungiest, the Aussie looks closer to her actual age, 34, than in any shots before.