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grumble in the gizzard

To be annoyed or unhappy. Primarily heard in US. The outcome of that race left me grumbling in the gizzard—I thought for sure I had bet on the right horse!
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grumble about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you grumbling about now? The students were grumbling about the teacher.
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grumble at someone

to complain to someone. Go grumble at someone else. I'm tired of listening. Stop grumbling at me!
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References in classic literature ?
It was uninteresting sewing, but tonight no one grumbled.
The little girl grumbled inarticulately and did not stir.
It was being abused and grumbled at by an impatient public.
The fool should have known that we desired her alive," grumbled Malbihn, grasping a corner of the cloth and jerking the cover from the thing that lay upon the litter.
They grumbled and protested, and would certainly have thus attracted Phileas Fogg's attention if he had not been completely absorbed in his game.
He is a coward, indeed," grumbled the host, drawing near to D'Artagnan, and endeavoring by this little flattery to make up matters with the young man, as the heron of the fable did with the snail he had despised the evening before.
Sometimes his anger at the commanders reached an acute stage, and he grumbled about the camp like a veteran.
When Paulvitch demanded the use of a canoe the chief grumbled a surly refusal and ordered the white man from the village.
I know all about that," the station-master grumbled.
Well, well," he grumbled, "you come with me and do the talking.
More and more Dog-Tooth became greater than the council, and when the council grumbled and said it would name a new chief, Big-Fat spoke with the voice of God and said no.
When we grumbled Big-Fat arose, and with the voice of God said that God had chosen the wise men to own the land and the goats and the fish-trap, and the fire-brew, and that without these wise men we would all be animals, as in the days when we lived in trees.
Humph," grumbled the Fox as he walked away with his tail between his legs; but he spoke in a low growl
Crawley grumbled a good deal about paying half as much to Miss Hester for her constant attendance upon the Baronet his father.
Posting will cost a dooce of a lot of money," grumbled Rawdon.