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hold a grudge

To harbor persistent and continual resentment or ill feelings toward someone, especially for some slight or wrongdoing they have committed in the past. Johnny has been holding a grudge against me since we were 12 because I embarrassed him in front of a girl he liked. Samantha is just so forgiving—I don't think she's ever held a grudge in her life!
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bear a grudge (against someone)

To remain angry with someone about past slights or misdeeds. Although our disagreement happened months ago, Lily still won't talk to me—clearly, she's bearing a grudge. My sister-in-law bore a grudge against me for years after she found out that I said her wedding dress was ugly.
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bear a grudge (against someone)

 and have a grudge (against someone); hold a grudge (against someone)
to continue feeling an old resentment for someone; to harbor continual anger for someone. She bears a grudge against the judge who sentenced her. I have a grudge against my landlord for not fixing the leaky faucet.
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hold a grudge

(against someone) Go to bear a grudge (against someone).
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nurse a grudge (against someone)

Fig. to keep resenting and disliking someone over a period of time. (Usually implies that it has been an unreasonably long time.) Sally is still nursing a grudge against Mary. How long can anyone nurse a grudge?
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bear a grudge

Also, have or hold a grudge . Maintain resentment or anger against someone for a past offense. For example, They held up my claim for months, but I won't bear a grudge against them, or His grandfather was always one to hold a grudge. [c. 1600]
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nurse a grudge

Bear resentment for a long time, as in We don't know why Karl looks so angry; I think he's nursing a grudge against the family. This expression uses nurse in the sense of "foster a feeling," a usage dating from the mid-1700s.
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References in classic literature ?
My grudge has faded, too; the red has all gone out of it; but it lies here yet.
You have got a grudge of your own against Sir Percival Glyde, and I must help you to wreak it.
If I have a grudge against him, you have a grudge against him too.
If it is any compensation for my long confinement within these narrow limits--not that I complain of being afflicted; you know I never complain of that--if it is any compensation to me for long confinement to this room, that while I am shut up from all pleasant change I am also shut up from the knowledge of some things that I may prefer to avoid knowing, why should you, of all men, grudge me that belief?
It was plain that some extraordinary grudge was working in Miss Brass's gentle breast, and that it was that which impelled her, without the smallest present cause, to rap the child with the blade of the knife, now on her hand, now on her head, and now on her back, as if she found it quite impossible to stand so close to her without administering a few slight knocks.
This being so, to remain in ignorance of the enemy's condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honors and emoluments, is the height of inhumanity.
FAISALABAD -- Three persons were injured during a clash between two groups over election grudge in the area of police station Kotwali Jhang on Sunday.
Because, as Fergie's proved, holding such a huge grudge against the BBC that you refuse to speak to them for seven years, then letting their bosses beg for forgiveness surely works to your advantage.
Care home worker Sandy told our sister paper the Kilmarnock Standard: "I told the Japanese executives that my father bore no grudge, although he could never have forgotten what happened.
Why 28 bullets were fired when there was no personal grudge there.
But for salespeople, this often leads to holding a grudge or to frustration toward the person or organization that turned you down.
Here is a welcoming, compassionate book of practical spirituality a spirituality of forgiveness that will comfort and inform anyone who has ever experienced a grudge, that is, all of us.
The Grudge Keeper is a delightful children's picturebook that blends storytelling and metaphor.
Yoko Ono is "thankful" that Paul McCartney has decided to let go of his grudge against her.