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SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt: In the beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, the sun-soaked coastal strip that is one of the Middle East's most popular holiday destinations, the glitziest hotels can shroud the grubbiest of secrets.
It's a system that the grubbiest and shabbiest industries and business owners -- think of the hellish slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, running with immigrant child labor - could not have designed better.
BRUMMIE blokes have the grubbiest teeth in Britain, according to a new survey.
Denholm, 'Greens king hit in grubbiest campaign', The Australian, 20 March 2006, p.
With under a week to go to the city council elections Labour and the Liberal Democrats continue to hurl insults at each other in what is turning out to be one of the grubbiest campaigns for years, even given the sad past record of this part of Birmingham.
However, the grubbiest moment involved Craig and a platinum blonde wig.
First it focused on gods, then demigods, then kings, then aristocrats, then merchants, then the working classes, then the criminal classes, and then, finally, the grubbiest group of all, writers themselves.
Ironically, Hansen would rather dissect the darkest and grubbiest aspects of Wales' shortcomings than his forthcoming post as All Blacks assistant coach.
For younger bridesmaids there are some divine fairytale frocks that would transform the grubbiest tomboy into a cute little angel.
Austen is an enormously likable character, full of flaws to which he's ever eager to confess, such as the fact that he needs "constant transfusions of interest and affection" and is "alert to even the grubbiest sexual possibility.
She said: "When I first went to LA, I always felt like the grubbiest one in the room, grubby in what was going on inside my head, what I looked like, my fingers, my clothes, my lack of a five-year plan, my penchant for eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.
The controls are as sharp as they ever were, irrespective of whether you use the tilt or button controls, which will bring long-held memories flooding back as you drift perfectly around the grubbiest of corners and tackle the tightest of off-road stages.
But there it was on Sunday, adding the grubbiest chapter yet to this sad story of the return of intolerance to our national game.
Their unique approach to rehabilitating some of the grubbiest householders in Britain won them a legion of fans and they've even succeeded where many have failed, by cracking America.
My confession is this: I have succumbed to that grubbiest affliction of modern British life, otherwise known as event hysteria.