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The North may prove to be an appealing place to grow it commercially because the wild plant appears to thrive here.
Many growers have switched to smaller hybrids that produce more, but require more chemicals to grow and don't taste as good.
Bromeliads that grow in trees in their natural habitat will grow in the ground but need bark in the soil for support.
Trees on good growing sites will grow faster and bigger than their counterparts on high-stress sites.
The point of focusing on the extent of a country's domestic market is to move his argument from an exposition on how economies develop to his own explanation for why economies grow.
Indoor gardening options also include hydroponics, which allows you to maximize the genetic potential of the plants you grow.
Mature trees grow to large sizes -- up to 25 meters tall and 2 meters in diameter -- thus becoming vulnerable to high winds.
In Tehachapi, the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District sells California poppy seeds and a mix of California poppy, golden yarrow, tidy tips and goldfield, which all grow in the Antelope Valley, along with mountain garland, blue flax, bird's eye gilia, California bluebells, perennial lupine, miniature lupine and Mexican campion.
Stands of wild hemp that still grow across the plains states serve as gentle reminders of America's once-vital hemp culture.
I have two words of advice for those who would drench the sere West in an attempt to grow water-loving trees and shrubs: forget it.
The buildings and especially trees that surround us take away most of the sunlight that would otherwise stream through our windows, and indoor plants that require little light grow best for us.
These small beds contain just a few of the 125 varieties of heirloom vegetables that we will grow here this summer.
It resides in the wild in deep rich bottomlands, where it attains a large size, and on dry ridges and western slopes, where it grows small and gnarled.
The California version is a herbaceous perennial that grows to only about 1 foot, is not picky about soil type, can handle sun or part shade and resents irrigation to the extent that it will rot when watered during the summer.