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Pure Grown Diamonds are cultivated in the largest "Diamond Growing Greenhouse" in Singapore.
All coffees are shade grown, organic and Fair Trade.
To avoid the price dips and the use of hazardous chemicals, the elder Peters decided to start producing naturally grown coffee.
Grown on a few hundred acres in Watsonville, Salinas and Santa Maria.
The former grains the security of knowing he or she has been paid for a portion of the harvest and the farmer's "community" participates in how and where their food is grown.
People who have been doing this for many years get even simpler with their food preparation, often using only a knife and cutting board, if that, and relying more on locally grown produce.
We are blessed with many small farms that are able (and eager) to grow for a local market that appreciates quality and the special flavors that come from products grown for freshness and flavor.
New native groves are sometimes planted from seedlings grown from nuts.
Not only will they keep for months, but they also can be added to a garden or grown continuously in pots.
Each growing tree annually produces a new ring of cells, which consists of a relatively wide, light ring grown during the productive seasons of spring and summer, and a thinner, darker ring grown during the harsher months of autumn or winter.
The reception to his organic apples has been so great that he has branched out into organic and Naturally Grown produce.
Grown in open fields in full sun, coffee trees have doubled their yield, but at a high cost to the environment (see "Singing for Songbirds," In Briefs, July/August 2000).
One caution: Scotch pines tend toward spindliness when grown without pruning (especially under very dry conditions).
Sugar maples, they report, increase photosynthetic carbon dioxide uptake by 20 percent (per unit weight) when grown in 650 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide instead of the 350-ppm level representative of ambient conditions.