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growl at someone or something

to snarl at someone or something. Don't growl at me like that. The dog growled at the cat.
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growl something out

to say something with a sound like growling or snarling. Jane growled a few words out. She growled out a few words and the gates opened for us.
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References in classic literature ?
A fierce growl repelled the eavesdropper, and then the scout boldly threw open the covering of bark, and left the place, enacting the character of a bear as he proceeded.
The great banths sniffed the unfamiliar odours, and then with a rush they broke past us with low growls, swarming across the gardens beneath the lurid light of the nearer moon.
Tarzan's mouth watered and a low growl escaped his patrician lips.
In answer to the cat's growl, a low and equally ferocious growl rumbled upward from the ape-man's deep chest--a growl of warning that told the panther he was trespassing upon the other's lair; but Sheeta was in no mood to be dispossessed.
However, being well filled, he contented himself with walking round the terror-stricken savage, emitting low, menacing growls the while he kept his flaming, baleful eyes riveted upon the black.
And all he could do was growl and rage his helplessness.
Taug was eyeing the warrior and emitting low growls.
And each time the joyful bark that trembled in Buck's throat was twisted into a savage growl.
I was looking at her with pleasure and admiration, when suddenly the growl swelled into a roar again, and a frightful bumping noise was heard above, as if a giant with a wooden leg were trying to bore it through the ceiling to come to us.
Jip, who was lying near taking a nap in the sun, began to growl and talk in his sleep.
Then the noise overhead began again, a snarling growl and the voice of a human being together.
The voice of the Grand Gallipoot was partly a roar and partly a growl.
My dreaming was rudely shattered by a savage growl from Raja.
He could make a louder rasping growl than any of them.
We had made our way about half the distance across one end of the great apartment when a low growl from the far end brought us to a startled halt.