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growl at someone or something

to snarl at someone or something. Don't growl at me like that. The dog growled at the cat.
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growl something out

to say something with a sound like growling or snarling. Jane growled a few words out. She growled out a few words and the gates opened for us.
See also: growl, out
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The little dog eagerly growled for a morsel of food and stopped for another.
Next Aleck put Trouve's muzzle in his hand and moved the dog's "lips" as it growled.
In all, the mortally wounded buck growled back at me six times from the bed where he lay after his 70-yard dash, after taking my arrow through the bottom of his heart.
The trainer and his kennel people could not safely feed the dog, as he growled and snarled first when food was put down, later when they were just approaching and eventually escalating to where he would not allow them to enter his kennel.
After a hard tackle, he growled, ``That's gotta hurt
TALKING toy Tigger was withdrawn from stores yesterday after complaints he growled "w***r".
Freckles growled and snapped at Cadeau, Margerie Taylor's snow-white miniature poodle from Van Nuys.
That spooked 7-year-old Rocky, and the 110- to 130-pound rottweiler bounded out the door, ignored orders from his owners to stop and growled, barked and threateningly approached the officer by the bush.
Other dogs growled at the caged parrot, while another tried to leap at the cage.
Police say force was needed because all five dogs had growled at the officers, who then used pepper spray to subdue the animals.
A pit bull mix bared his teeth and growled at her as she shopped for a pet pooch for her 7-year-old son, Bryce.
Star prosecution witness Jin Hyun Choi, 47, stuck out his tongue and growled on the witness stand last week to imitate the demon he and the defendants tried to expel.
MALIBU - A Korean Pentecostal deacon stuck out his tongue and growled on the witness stand, imitating a demon he and two missionaries tried to expel from a woman who died of injuries after an exorcism ritual.
It also had pony rides and a giant dinosaur statue that growled occasionally.
The guy I went out with, he really growled, like a bear.