growl at

growl at someone or something

to snarl at someone or something. Don't growl at me like that. The dog growled at the cat.
See also: growl
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On two occasions during feeding when I stood close it prompted him to stop and growl at me.
Another Gillman, which looked like a soccer hooligan, was so incensed that it could only growl at me as it passed.
For more information, call GROWL at (510) 533-7585, or go to its web site at www.
While I don't believe dogs should sleep in their owners' bedrooms far less growl at their guests, I think you just have to accept that if you want to go on being this woman's toyboy, you will have to share her with her beloved dog.
I have spoken to him but that is always the case the day after a game - we hug each other after a win, and growl at each other after a defeat.
You can snort-wheeze and growl at the same time, which is a vocalization that our call designer Jason Nolz documented when listening to wild, mature deer.