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He also urged the graduating young military officers to equip themselves both mentally and physically to ensure the defence of motherland in the face of a growingly complex threat environment.
The widening gap has created a mistrust in national systems of governance that have growingly been influenced by international institutions - IMF and the World Bank.
However, Plevnelieva's newly discovered tweets have also made her growingly popular on Facebook, with many users claiming that she should have been elected President instead of her husband.
PTCL is determined to cater to all of our customers growingly sophisticated communications needs, said PTCL Executive Vice President Wireline Business, Asif Inam.
The Japanese government must build a multitiered and broad-based framework for dialogue not only with Indonesia but with other Asian nations that are growingly apprehensive about China's maritime advance.
Annie becomes growingly insecure about Lillian and Helen's friendship.
21 April 2011 -- Tesco (LON:TSCO) has acquired television and film streaming website Blinkbox in an effort to dip in the growingly competitive Internet video market, the Financial Times reported.
Bankers, in general, do not seem to be too worried by the growingly tense atmosphere in Lebanon, noting Lebanese banks had weathered worse cases like the 2006 summer war withCeIsrael.
Jrgen Werthenbach, a growingly familiar face in Newmarket since arriving there last year to manage Great Bradley Oak Stud, has been back on home soil for the past seven weeks to oversee the preparation of the stud's new owner Wolfgang Heymann's 11-strong draft from Gestt Hofgut Heymann in Germany.
Motorola said that the new solution is a powerful wireless LAN (WLAN) management tool designed to help IT departments gain better visibility into their networks and reduce operational costs associated with managing fast-changing, growingly complex and increasingly pervasive wireless networks.
One issue is sure - the growingly confident Barrichello, now 37 and probably facing his last chance to wear the F1 crown, will not be moving aside or doing his teammate any favours.
AaAaAa "Before the scope and intensity of the terror threat, which unfolds under diverse, complex and new forms, and with regard to the growingly close ties between international terrorism and organised crime, drug trafficking and human smuggling, individual actions by States cannot succeed without a sincere regional and international commitment," Loulichki insisted.
In recent years Iran has growingly encouraged to expand its trade relations with GCC countries.
My sources tell me that not one England player disagreed with his refusal to call Elliott back, and that tells all about the growingly rotten environment in the Team England dressing room.
Musharraf has become growingly isolated since his allies suffered crushing defeat in Feb.