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Overall winner and fastest growing large business: The Engineering Business, Riding Mill, Northumberland Fastest growing medium business: Controle Mesure Regulation, New York, North Tyneside Fastest growing small business: Shepherd Offshore Services, Wallsend 2006 ?
One of the keys to growing grapes is maintaining the optimum soil moisture, a parameter that varies according to the grape variety being cultivated.
Today, it's considered a key ingredient in developing cancer-fighting drugs and someday there may be plantations of the stuff growing as a cash crop across Northern Ontario.
Every step in the process from climate and growing conditions, genetics of the tree, to the final brewing methods affect these natural chemicals.
Some experts advise fertilizing monthly during the growing season and others use a diluted fertilizer every time they water during that time.
Because pecans require well over 200 frost-free days for nuts to reach maturity, pecan production in the United States is restricted pretty much to southern states and California, those that fall within growing Zones 6 to 9.
Above a certain voltage, however, the growing crystal shoots forward, lengthening at 20 to 70 [micro]m per second and sharpening into a thin, smooth needle.
When Muresan was growing up, his pituitary gland probably pumped out 10 to 100 times the normal amount of growth hormone.
2010 Overall winner and fastest growing large business: Wilton Engineering Services Ltd, Middlesbrough Fastest growing small business: ICS Integrated Cable Services Ltd, Billingham Fastest growing medium business: UK Independent Medical Ltd, Durham 2009 Overall winner and fastest growing large business: SMD, Wallsend, North Tyneside Fastest growing small business: Waymid Ltd, Stockton Fastest growing medium business: Controle Mesure Regulation (UK) Ltd, New York, North Tyneside 2008 Overall winner and fastest growing medium business: Fast Temp Engineering, Hebburn, South Tyneside.
A strawberry plant produces fruit continually for six to eight months, depending on the growing region or other factors.
Growing conditions here allow for a great variety of farm products to be grown over a long season.
It's coming at the hands of progressive tea companies that are turning away from a long-standing industrial approach to growing tea, with its reliance on chemical fertilizers, pest- and insecticides.
And gardening helps to alleviate poverty: the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Project reports that low-income people who garden save an average of $150 each in food costs per growing season.
And when she tried to replace a piece of wet carpet, she didn't realize the toxic mold growing beneath it would contaminate her and her house.
BOSTON -- Demonstrating that America's inner cities are home to some of the most innovative and successful young entrepreneurs in the country, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and the Merrill Lynch Foundation today announced the 27 winners of the 2006 Growing Up CEO(TM) award, a program designed to honor and support young inner city entrepreneurs, many of whom are still in high school and all of whom are under 21.