grow down

grow down (into something)

[for roots] to penetrate downward as they grow. The young roots grew down into the rich soil. The roots grew down and drew up the precious water.
See also: down, grow
References in classic literature ?
Find a home for yourself in one of the lovely flowers that grow down there; now I will set you down, and you can do whatever you like.
Mowbray unleashed the hitman on the Scottish game aged just 17 and has watched his career grow down south.
From there, international partners have been cultivated and nurtured, resulting in the exceptional business performance, which has helped the company grow down the years.
Watering should reach just below the base of the bulbs, encouraging the roots to grow down into the water.
The course features high-side dunes and swirling grasses that grow down into the banks of the hazards.
Despite concerns about a slowdown in Asian emerging economies, Honda Executive Vice President Tetsuo Iwamura said at a press conference that the automaker is "sure that demand in emerging economies, especially for motorcycles, will continue to grow down the road.
Fish can also feed off the root systems of the plants that grow down through the islands and into the water.
Roots grow down, a 'sensitive plant' folds its leaves, and a vine twines around a trellis.
Biologically speaking, the roots of grasses grow down into the soil, holding on to the dirt and spreading to capture nutrients and water.
A An in-growing toenail is where the edges of the nail grow down into the fleshy part of the toe.
As the orchid matures, the vibrant blues cascade into softer azure tones as new buds grow down the spine of the plant.
Blossoms perch atop snaky stems that refuse to grow down and root themselves in the earth but rather coil and curl, suggesting mobility rather than stagnation.
Remember, stalactites (with a "c") grow down from the ceiling and stalagmites (with a "g") grown up from the ground.
It will soon produce roots which grow down into the water.