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grovel (about) in something

to wallow around in the dirt, etc., while prostrating oneself. The poor fellow groveled about in the mud, trying to keep from being beaten. Why are you there, groveling in the dust?
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grovel before someone or something

to prostrate oneself before someone or something. The prisoner groveled before his accusers. The peasant groveled before the lord of the manor.
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grovel to someone

to kneel in deference to someone; to kowtow to someone. You don't have to grovel to me! I refuse to grovel to anyone.
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in. to fondle or pet. They spent the whole time in the backseat groveling.
References in classic literature ?
And am I to grovel in the dust for HIM to walk over?
Victor writes about whatever he hears in the gutter and James writes about whatever he hears at the Palace kitchen door where he grovels for titbits.
All the major characters repeat expletives in nearly every speech again, which is a lazy writer who refuses to utilize the English language while he grovels around in Anglo-Saxonisms kept out behind the barn.
She has a drop-dead voice that somersaults and grovels, but in concerts has been known to use video footage and other visual tricks.
As long as he grovels for what was merely a boyish prank, the longer she will be in the driving seat of this relationship.
Assuming the merger passes government regulators' smell test (and by all accounts it will) we can look forward to a $350 billion megacorporation that grovels even more abjectly for customers than AOL and Time Warner do now as separate entities.