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But anything, including clandestine maple-syrup tampering, could develop, so gentlemen: start your spin doctors, and let the groveling begin.
Unfortunately, if you're like us, that &uot;special someone&uot; recently tore your heart out of your chest, jumped up and down on it, and left you groveling for mercy.
The Master plan includes pitting one grumpy group known as WAMB - Women Against Martha Burk - against another groveling gathering called NCWO - the National Council of Women's Organizations.
In "Oseibo," the end-of-the-year gift-giving custom, the duo attacked an endlessly wrapped package, groveling before each other with exaggerated politesse.
For them, no insult is too cutting, no term of abuse too crude, that it cannot inspire another round of desperate waffling and groveling.
It is easy to imagine her frustration, after groveling for months to set up an interview, to have her research subject endlessly gush in full society-page blather, "I am so fortunate.
They even say ``soouu-eeee, soouu-eeee, oink oink, here piggy piggy'' while groveling in the sawdust, enticing pigs to come near.
Unique images--an old man throwing change at a groveling woman who attempts to eat the coins, or a dozen-plus shoes thrown onto an empty stage--made for a rich and ornate work.
So those who had a ticket to ride now are supposed to act naturally and come groveling back?