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grovel (about) in something

to wallow around in the dirt, etc., while prostrating oneself. The poor fellow groveled about in the mud, trying to keep from being beaten. Why are you there, groveling in the dust?
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grovel before someone or something

to prostrate oneself before someone or something. The prisoner groveled before his accusers. The peasant groveled before the lord of the manor.
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grovel to someone

to kneel in deference to someone; to kowtow to someone. You don't have to grovel to me! I refuse to grovel to anyone.
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in. to fondle or pet. They spent the whole time in the backseat groveling.
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In fact, he considered it a grand, grown-up gesture when Mitchell came knocking on his office door first thing Monday morning, groveling for forgiveness.
I would not want this country's chief executive to be good at groveling.
When you get tired of groveling and are ready to strike back, you'll also receive a list of your accuser's vices addressed to his/her employer, clergyman, friends and mother.
A groveling basketball coach (John Turturro in a wonderful cameo) gets down on his knees and implores Jesus to redeem his program.
24 that a primarily Democratic delegation of groveling sycophants met with Mexico's president to apologize for our laws, which his citizens feel entitled to break (``State lawmaker delegation tries to mend fences with Mexico'').
Public groveling, conspicuous loitering around ATM machines or blocking the path of moviegoers and preventing them from getting to the previews on time will not be tolerated.
And down there groveling for the table scraps are adults, especially opera composers and marine biologists.