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grovel (about) in something

to wallow around in the dirt, etc., while prostrating oneself. The poor fellow groveled about in the mud, trying to keep from being beaten. Why are you there, groveling in the dust?
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grovel before someone or something

to prostrate oneself before someone or something. The prisoner groveled before his accusers. The peasant groveled before the lord of the manor.
See also: before, grovel

grovel to someone

to kneel in deference to someone; to kowtow to someone. You don't have to grovel to me! I refuse to grovel to anyone.
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in. to fondle or pet. They spent the whole time in the backseat groveling.
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We have our own national anthem so let us make this the very last time we publicly grovel to anyone.
So 11am on the dot, I picked up the phone and put my excuses cunningly in a row - something simple like my leg had fallen off and I couldn't possibly do the interview today because they were flying in a top surgeon from Oompaloompa land, grovel, grovel, grovel - when Victor answered.
Sophie shouldn't grovel to anyone but should stand by her convictions and opinions.
But if they are down, they grovel, and I intend, with the help of Closey (Brian Close) and a few others, to make them grovel.
Calling for a rise in "paltry" levels of compensation, he said: "They shouldn't have to grovel and lose their dignity to get the rightful sums of money they deserve.
Tanya Grovel (16) has boosted Royal's playoff bid with strong play in the postseason.
They would not be able to grovel for more funds later.
His face-to-face grovel was accompanied by a promise from Home Secretary Theresa May that funding for the current review of secret files on the event will not be hit by ConDem spending cuts.
Photo: Westlake's Katie Meledy hits past Tanya Grovel (16) of Royal during Highlanders' five-game win.
Now the man who guides Harrison's career says the Prince must grovel like a commoner if he wants to get inside the same ring as the man who will fight Julio Pablo Chacon for the WBO world featherweight title next month.
In attempting to raise the issue in the Dail yesterday, Liz McManus said: "We had a situation where the national broadcaster had to grovel.