group together

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group someone or something together

to gather people or things together. Try to group all the smokers together at one table. Steve grouped all the dictionaries together.
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Unfortunately, there have been years when we only had two or three arrows that would actually group together.
The "Cite du Cinema" project seeks to group together on one site the main technical specialists involved in making a film, creating new momentum in the cinema industry in France.
The Optio X also features a new "My Menu" function, which allows users to group together frequently used functions for easy future access.
Using an elegant technology encoded in the DVD game, we are now delivering consumers a 'smart living room' on a disc, immersing families or any group together in a game show environment.
Underwriters with expertise in international exposures from ACE USA's International & Specialty Group and ACORD's P&C Forms Standing Working Group together created these new standard forms, responding to the growing needs of the commercial insurance industry in the United States.
Bringing partners like Manakoa and the Interlink Group together helps drive security market innovation building great regulatory compliance solutions for mutual customers," stated Thomas Dawkins, Senior Security Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation.
I put my group together like they put 'N Sync together,'' says Tony Butala, who founded the all-male vocal group in his parents' North Hollywood garage in 1958.
He is not the highest-ranking doctor, but he is the glue that holds the group together.
Elected to the 40th Assembly District in November, he brought in several boxes of fliers listing people and organizations, all of which he wanted to group together in an easy-to-access manner.
Haplogroups, defined by markers found in male (Y chromosome) and female (mitochondrial DNA), link the group together through the markers that first appeared in the group's most recent common ancestor.
Margaret Lebovitz, 75, helps bring the group together every week.
I don't know why we wouldn't keep this group together.
E[acute accent]The All-In-One is like a line of credit that can be used to group together bank accounts, short-term savings and loans in a single account.
coach Bruce Arena didn't expect the auditions to go this well before the tournament began, but then again he said he never has had a group together this long since he took over the squad in 1998.