ground in

ground someone in something

Fig. to instruct someone in an area of knowledge. We grounded all our children in the basics of home cooking. We were all grounded in basic cooking by the time we were six.
See also: ground
References in classic literature ?
But not so did it seem to Ahab, who knew the sets of all tides and currents; and thereby calculating the driftings of the sperm whale's food; and, also, calling to mind the regular, ascertained seasons for hunting him in particular latitudes; could arrive at reasonable surmises, almost approaching to certainties, concerning the timeliest day to be upon this or that ground in search of his prey.
Bits of board, straw, old decayed barrels and boxes, garnished the ground in all directions; and three or four ferocious-looking dogs, roused by the sound of the wagon-wheels, came tearing out, and were with difficulty restrained from laying hold of Tom and his companions, by the effort of the ragged servants who came after them.
While we were on the highroad, Blantyre had given me my head; but now, with a light hand and a practiced eye, he guided me over the ground in such a masterly manner that my pace was scarcely slackened, and we were decidedly gaining on them.
It was heavy, this vapour, heavier than the densest smoke, so that, after the first tumultuous uprush and outflow of its impact, it sank down through the air and poured over the ground in a manner rather liquid than gaseous, abandoning the hills, and streaming into the valleys and ditches and watercourses even as I have heard the carbonic-acid gas that pours from volcanic clefts is wont to do.
It appeared that these odd people, while they were able to walk through the air with ease, usually moved upon the ground in the ordinary way.
And so the field became the first burial ground in Boston.
Then he heard her piteous cry as her knees gave beneath her, and she sank to the ground in a swoon.
Roberts, president of the Southside Branch of the NAACP, is not affiliated with the Black Mobilization Committee, but sees a need "for every type of progressive movement that can be generated in the black communiry--we seem to be losing ground in things that we've accomplished.
In fact, they may have broken new strategic ground in this field.
With the release of Enpocket Marketing Engine 5, Enpocket is again breaking new ground in the sophistication of targeting and message personalization.
Additionally a drive-in in Algonquin is also scheduled to break ground in summer 2008 with a grand opening scheduled for fall 2008.
Carving its material into short, Brechtian actos (as El Teatro Campesino did), ``Bordertown'' scampers over more ground in 1-1/2 hours than an INS agent in a customized Range Rover.
We are breaking new ground in competitive fishing by televising our weigh-ins live nationwide on PAX TV," said Charlie Hoover, FLW Outdoors president.
By taking advantage of the PXI/CompactPCI platform, GenRad's GR Versa AT breaks new ground in terms of price and performance for automotive functional test systems," said James Kimery, Strategic Marketing Manager at National Instruments.