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1. modifier Eliciting a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, usually intentionally. With its paper-thin plot and gross-out humor, this movie will only appeal to the most juvenile of audiences.
2. noun Some thing, event, or situation that elicits a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, whether intentionally or not. That new horror movie isn't even scary, it's just trying to be a big gross-out. There's a piece of meat in the fridge that's completely rotten. What a gross-out!

gross someone out

to disgust someone. Those horrible pictures just gross me out. Jim's story totally grossed out Sally.
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so gross

Sl. How disgusting! He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross! He's barfing! So gross!
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gross one out

Disgust or revolt one, as in Chewing gum in church grosses me out, or His explicit language grossed her out. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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gross out

v. Slang
To fill someone with disgust; nauseate someone: The pizza they serve at school grosses me out. The gory pictures grossed out our friends.
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mod. crude; vulgar; disgusting. (Slang only when overused.) What a gross thing to even suggest.

gross someone out

tv. to disgust someone. Jim’s story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out


1. n. something disgusting. That horror movie was a real gross-out.
2. mod. disgusting; gross. What a gross-out day this has been!

So gross!

exclam. How disgusting! (California.) He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross!
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The historical repugnance to woman has a rational basis: disgust is reason's proper response to the grossness of procreative nature" (pp.
They sought to spiritualize the Song, to purge its mortal grossness, the way some Greek philosophers interpreted away the carnality of the Homeric gods, or Philo converted the legends of Genesis into a series of philosophical and moral truths.
Having needed medical procedures while traveling, and then after moving to a new part of the country, I have been struck by the nakedness, the grossness, of the reach of economics into health care nowadays.
But it's not just an issue of kids liking violence, grossness, or comic-book adventure.
But there can be no two states in a land that is already inhabited by two nations, who, despite the grossness of the occupation, are in fact interconnected geographically, demographically and in other ways as well.
Auggiedog's YouTube video showcases the social embarrassment and overall grossness that comes from using poop bags.
But I began to hear a lot of carping from my old fogey friends about how awful this movie was -- too long, full of the grossness of drugs, drink and naked orgies and other biological antics by greedy types from the boroughs, acting like they had no brakes on bad behavior, either on Wall Street proper, or in the world of penny stocks.
In a letter to Henry Clifford thirty years later, the traveler, trader, and celebrated letter writer James Howell describes the wines imported from the island of Canary (or Gran Canaria, one of the seven islands comprising the Canaries) as the "richest," "most firm," "best bodied," "lastingest," and the "most defecated from all earthly grossness of any other whatsoever.
is filled with zany, comical illustrations that underline the grossness and hilarity of Guapo's behavior and language.
The place stank of smoke - he only ever smokes as Roxanne - and just grossness.
Stickers are supplied in the back of the book to allow the reader to add speech bubbles and 'gross-o-meter' stickers for rating the grossness of the information.
Reviewing the book's table of contents reveals recipes for such grossness as Shrunken Heads and Veggie Vomit.
Verdi's opera, the extraordinary swansong of a long and productive career, lays the emphasis firmly upon Falstaff's grossness, and Terfel rises to the challenge with magnificent aplomb.
Along with the unusual plots, the mild grossness concerning bodily functions will undoubtedly add to the stories' popularity.