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1. modifier Eliciting a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, usually intentionally. With its paper-thin plot and gross-out humor, this movie will only appeal to the most juvenile of audiences.
2. noun Some thing, event, or situation that elicits a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, whether intentionally or not. That new horror movie isn't even scary, it's just trying to be a big gross-out. There's a piece of meat in the fridge that's completely rotten. What a gross-out!

gross someone out

to disgust someone. Those horrible pictures just gross me out. Jim's story totally grossed out Sally.
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so gross

Sl. How disgusting! He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross! He's barfing! So gross!
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gross one out

Disgust or revolt one, as in Chewing gum in church grosses me out, or His explicit language grossed her out. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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gross out

v. Slang
To fill someone with disgust; nauseate someone: The pizza they serve at school grosses me out. The gory pictures grossed out our friends.
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mod. crude; vulgar; disgusting. (Slang only when overused.) What a gross thing to even suggest.

gross someone out

tv. to disgust someone. Jim’s story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out


1. n. something disgusting. That horror movie was a real gross-out.
2. mod. disgusting; gross. What a gross-out day this has been!

So gross!

exclam. How disgusting! (California.) He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross!
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Social media videos can amount to a criminal offence if they contain credible threats of violence, specifically target individuals, breach court orders or are grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or false.
FDA has grossly underestimated the burden of its New Dietary Ingredient (ANDO notification process on the dietary supplement industry.
While the pressure on oil and gas prices during this time of national crisis is naturally intense and complex, my office will be vigilant in protecting consumers from grossly excessive increases in prices at the pump," said Cox.
A key indicator of a venture entered into primarily to shelter taxes is the presence of a grossly inflated purchase price; Feliciano Soriano, 90 TC 44 (1988).
We are writing to inform you that it is grossly unconstitutional to permit the teaching of creationism in public schools and to ask that you reject any curriculum that does so," AU Legal Director Ayesha Khan wrote.
The plot is complex and lively as well as grossly funny, even though very bad things happen to the very bad people: the beasts manage to give them perhaps more than they deserve.
When Patricia Stephens Due was told by a group of Florida school officials that no significant contributions to the Civil Rights Movement were made in the state of Florida, she did what she had always done: she took on the challenge of making right that which was grossly wrong.
In this case, Insilco proved at trial that Star was insolvent at the time of the transfer, that the transfer was less than an arm's length transaction, made in bad faith, and that the consideration for the transfer was grossly inadequate.
At the moment we assume 60mph, which is obviously grossly in excess of the appropriate speed limit for safety.
Trying to take care of autistic kid brother Arnie (Leonardo DiCaprio), who likes to climb the town water tower, and a grossly obese mother (Darlene Cares) who never comes out of the front parlor, Gilbert falls in love with a girl (Juliette Lewis) who is traveling gypsy-like across America in a trailer.
His work was entirely volunteer; others made the money from the grossly overpriced drug.
Urhausen's malicious attack on the Russel Creek Neighbors was disrespectful, grossly inaccurate and rude.
Calgary--Heart of the Sun, a new Alberta movie, presents a grossly distorted version of history, writes Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary in the Globe (June 17, '99).
I'm a little alarmed by [him] saying that the earthquake hazard at New Madrid has been grossly overstated.
Antibiotics are grossly overused, in doctors' offices, in hospitals, and on the farm.