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1. modifier Eliciting a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, usually intentionally. With its paper-thin plot and gross-out humor, this movie will only appeal to the most juvenile of audiences.
2. noun Some thing, event, or situation that elicits a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, whether intentionally or not. That new horror movie isn't even scary, it's just trying to be a big gross-out. There's a piece of meat in the fridge that's completely rotten. What a gross-out!

gross someone out

to disgust someone. Those horrible pictures just gross me out. Jim's story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out

so gross

Sl. How disgusting! He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross! He's barfing! So gross!
See also: gross

gross somebody out

also gross out somebody
to make someone uncomfortable because it is very unpleasant I could only watch part of the movie because it really grossed me out.
See also: gross, out

gross one out

Disgust or revolt one, as in Chewing gum in church grosses me out, or His explicit language grossed her out. [Slang; mid-1900s]
See also: gross, one, out

gross out

v. Slang
To fill someone with disgust; nauseate someone: The pizza they serve at school grosses me out. The gory pictures grossed out our friends.
See also: gross, out


mod. crude; vulgar; disgusting. (Slang only when overused.) What a gross thing to even suggest.

gross someone out

tv. to disgust someone. Jim’s story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out


1. n. something disgusting. That horror movie was a real gross-out.
2. mod. disgusting; gross. What a gross-out day this has been!

So gross!

exclam. How disgusting! (California.) He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross!
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The coexistence of England's marvelous seventeenth-century scientific achievements with a legal system still mired in the grossest superstitions of antiquity highlights the vast intellectual gap between science and the law.
The Democrats' Pavlovian alignment with the grossest impulses of the entertainment industry was even written into the Democratic platform back in 2000, when the party urged "all steps necessary" against the leakage of copyrighted materials--a plank pushed on them by Hollywood.
On October 3, President Bush uttered one of the grossest obscenities imaginable: "War may be unavoidable.
Argument does not deny but confirms one's faith in the good will of one's interlocutor: to fail to engage one in argument, when it is not simple squeamishness, is often the grossest sign of disrespect, and a missed opportunity to forge a consensus that might enrich the lives of everyone involved.
is perfectly logical" while Cordelia's Act 1 silence is "the grossest of solecisms" (139, 146); or the claim that Othello's tragedy is caused by class conflict between Cassio and Iago.
Araki's people, even the grossest, are always aware of the line they are crossing.
Schmoll's attorney, Grace Emery of Santa Ana, California, called the decision "the grossest equal protection denial" and said she will appeal the ruling to the California Supreme Court.
For more news on some of the world's oldest and grossest medical remedies, turn the page.
The Sustainables' grossest misuse of Jacobs may be their approach to metropolitan government.
In the grossest sense, some form of negative feedback must be involved because if the temperature of the earth dropped far enough, the production of DMS would near zero.
adults, asked adults to describe in detail the grossest thing they have seen in a gym--and the results were truly shocking.
With more than 50% of the compact executive market being diesel powered, and that figure growing year on year, diving straight in with no diesels on offer in the IS range would appear to be an act of the grossest folly, but the IS 300h is Lexus' preferred alternative to a diesel.
The collection consists of 208 stickers featuring the grossest guys who live in the garbage the Trash Pack characters.
He told delegates: "Global hunger in the 21st century represents the grossest of human rights violations, and the greatest ethical challenge facing the global community.