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1. modifier Eliciting a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, usually intentionally. With its paper-thin plot and gross-out humor, this movie will only appeal to the most juvenile of audiences.
2. noun Some thing, event, or situation that elicits a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, whether intentionally or not. That new horror movie isn't even scary, it's just trying to be a big gross-out. There's a piece of meat in the fridge that's completely rotten. What a gross-out!

gross someone out

to disgust someone. Those horrible pictures just gross me out. Jim's story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out

so gross

Sl. How disgusting! He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross! He's barfing! So gross!
See also: gross

gross somebody out

also gross out somebody
to make someone uncomfortable because it is very unpleasant I could only watch part of the movie because it really grossed me out.
See also: gross, out

gross one out

Disgust or revolt one, as in Chewing gum in church grosses me out, or His explicit language grossed her out. [Slang; mid-1900s]
See also: gross, one, out

gross out

v. Slang
To fill someone with disgust; nauseate someone: The pizza they serve at school grosses me out. The gory pictures grossed out our friends.
See also: gross, out


mod. crude; vulgar; disgusting. (Slang only when overused.) What a gross thing to even suggest.

gross someone out

tv. to disgust someone. Jim’s story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out


1. n. something disgusting. That horror movie was a real gross-out.
2. mod. disgusting; gross. What a gross-out day this has been!

So gross!

exclam. How disgusting! (California.) He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross!
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Salman Khan's "Ek Tha Tiger" takes the second spot in the list of top 10 opening day grossers in India.
1]200-crore-mark, and biggest grosser in India with a[sup.
Shah Rukh's 2010 release "My Name is Khan" is the highest grosser followed by "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" in second spot and "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna" in third position.
Better known as the Grosser Preis von Baden, this is the most prestigious event of the German season and has an excellent record as an Arc trial.
Dressed in a black tennis dress, Marilyn Grosser herself participated in the fourth annual David Grosser Pro-Am tournament at the North Ranch Country Club, named for her husband, who died at the age of 57 from a heart attack only a few years after taking up the game seriously.
Becomes the BIGGEST grosser of Hindi cinema," trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted.
THE much-travelled Pressing (Michael Jarvis/Neil Callan) recorded the second Group 1 victory of his globetrotting career yesterday when the six-year-old just held the late thrust of leading domestic hope Precious Boy in the Grosser Dallmayr-Preis, writes David Conolly-Smith.
Grosser holds patents on data communications devices, robotic control systems, math processors and security devices.
The spy thriller also became the second highest grosser film in Tamil cinema, berating Rajinikanth's 2007 movie "Shivaji" and Vijay's 2012 film "Thuppakki".
The British raider carried Steve Drowne to a half-length success in the Listed Grosser Preis Corporate Events, a contest reduced to 4f from 51/2f due to ice on the first part of the sprint track being deemed not thick enough to race on.
The Lion King'' is not just the seventh-largest domestic grosser ever at $313 million; its popularity was such that it became a gold mine with massive profits from merchandise, home videos, TV and stage shows.
5 billion at the Box Office in nine days, making it the second highest grosser Hindi film after Aamir Khan's "3 Idiots".
ADLERFLUG, runner-up to Kamsin in the Grosser Preis von Baden eight days ago, is likely to face his conqueror again in Italy rather than take his chance in the Arc.
As expected, it led the pack with $421 million and became the third-highest domestic grosser ever after ``Titanic'' and the original ``Star Wars.