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1. modifier Eliciting a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, usually intentionally. With its paper-thin plot and gross-out humor, this movie will only appeal to the most juvenile of audiences.
2. noun Some thing, event, or situation that elicits a strong feeling of disgust or revulsion, whether intentionally or not. That new horror movie isn't even scary, it's just trying to be a big gross-out. There's a piece of meat in the fridge that's completely rotten. What a gross-out!

gross someone out

to disgust someone. Those horrible pictures just gross me out. Jim's story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out

so gross

Sl. How disgusting! He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross! He's barfing! So gross!
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gross somebody out

also gross out somebody
to make someone uncomfortable because it is very unpleasant I could only watch part of the movie because it really grossed me out.
See also: gross, out

gross one out

Disgust or revolt one, as in Chewing gum in church grosses me out, or His explicit language grossed her out. [Slang; mid-1900s]
See also: gross, one, out

gross out

v. Slang
To fill someone with disgust; nauseate someone: The pizza they serve at school grosses me out. The gory pictures grossed out our friends.
See also: gross, out


mod. crude; vulgar; disgusting. (Slang only when overused.) What a gross thing to even suggest.

gross someone out

tv. to disgust someone. Jim’s story totally grossed out Sally.
See also: gross, out


1. n. something disgusting. That horror movie was a real gross-out.
2. mod. disgusting; gross. What a gross-out day this has been!

So gross!

exclam. How disgusting! (California.) He put chocolate syrup on his pie! So gross!
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Except for construction, architectural, and engineering services, gross receipts derived from the performance of services do not qualify as DPGR.
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Misunderstandings like these, Gross and Levitt point out, "are not of the kind that can be remedied by a quick refresher course in elementary math and physics.
Then we discovered, as agencies gradually slipped from the list, that the new formula actually yielded a sum that was not truly reflective of their gross revenues.
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In light of the LLC fee that California charges, which is a percentage of the business' gross receipts, an S corporation usually winds up being the preferable way to go.
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