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grope in the dark

1. Literally, to feel about without the use of one's eyes, as due to blindness or an absence of light. I was groping in the dark down in this basement for ten minutes before I could find a light switch.
2. To seek (something) in a blind, aimless, or uncertain manner, especially to find a solution, meaning, or sense of purpose. We've been groping in the dark for a way to pay our mortgage, but I just don't see how we'll be able to afford it. Pretty much everyone gropes in the dark at some point or another, trying to figure out the meaning of life.
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grope (about) (for someone or something)

 and grope (around) (for someone or something)
to feel around blindly for someone or something. In the darkness, he groped about for his glasses. Fran groped for the light switch and found it.

grope after someone or something

to reach for a departing or fleeing person or thing awkwardly or ineffectually. The feeble hand groped after the departing form. I groped after the cat as it ran under the bed.
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grope (around)

(for someone or something) Go to grope (about) (for someone or something).

grope at someone or something

to reach for someone or something blindly. She groped feebly at the form she could hardly see. Sharon groped at Frank as he ran out to get the doctor.
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n. a real or imagined group of people engaged in sexual activities. That party turned into a hopeless group-grope.
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Cardiff Crown Court heard Morgan was drinking pints of bitter with vodka chasers when he started groping her.
The line has recorded the highest number of groping incidents among the four subway lines in Nagoya.
The man denied groping the woman but was arrested based on statements the woman made to police.
He said as far as one of the victims was concerned there was horseplay but he denied consenting kissing or groping.
Dubai: A worker was jailed for three months for molesting an administrative assistant and groping her backside while she was shopping at a mall in Dubai.
The twice-married molester could be facing jail again for groping a teenager on the Metro.
In my friends' minds, his wealth and celebrity somehow transformed his sexual groping into some kind of compliment.
Dubai A worker has been jailed for groping a teenager while she was out shopping with her mother at Dragon Mart.
The accused, an air conditioning technician, is accused of groping the student.
She said: "The taunts, groping and abuse stopped overnight.
Francis Coutts was also told to get psychological treatment after he admitted groping the 16-yearold, who had tried to help him.
NBC was standing by its man Monday, despite a report that the bachelor star of its new dating game had been expelled from a military program for drunkenly groping the breasts of a female Navy officer.
Dubai: A gardener and a worker have been accused of groping a saleswoman shortly after she left a restaurant where she was dining with a relative.
Summary: A restaurant driver has been sentenced to three months in jail for kissing and groping a 13-year-old schoolgirl in the elevator of the building where she lived.
FRISKY X Factor star Wagner Carrilho has been ordered to face the audience when he's performing on stage to stop him groping the dancers.