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groove on someone or something

to show interest in someone or something; to relate to someone or something. Fred was beginning to groove on new age music when he met Phil. Sam is really grooving on Mary.
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*in the groove

Sl. attuned to something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I was uncomfortable at first, but now I'm beginning to get in the groove. Fred began to get in the groove, and things went more smoothly.
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get your groove on

to enjoy yourself by dancing Expect to get your groove on to Jeanne O's smooth, soulful sound.
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in the groove

doing something easily and well I haven't played in a month, but with a few more practices I'll be right back in the groove.
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be in the groove

to be having a very successful period The early nineties were difficult for Carlton but he's back in the groove again with a new hit series.
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be (stuck) in a groove

to feel bored because you are doing the same things that you have done for a long time We never do anything exciting any more - we seem to be stuck in a groove.
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in the groove

Performing very well, excellent; also, in fashion, up-to-date. For example, The band was slowly getting in the groove, or To be in the groove this year you'll have to get a fake fur coat. This idiom originally alluded to running accurately in a channel, or groove. It was taken up by jazz musicians in the 1920s and later began to be used more loosely. A variant, back in the groove, means "returning to one's old self," as in He was very ill but now he's back in the groove. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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get in the groove

in. to become attuned to something. (see also in the groove.) I was uncomfortable at first, but now I’m beginning to get in the groove.
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n. something pleasant or cool. (see also in the groove.) This day has been a real groove.

groove on someone/something

in. to show interest in someone or something; to relate to someone or something. Fred was beginning to groove on new age music when he met Phil.
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mod. pleased. I am so grooved. I’ll just kick back and meditate.
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mod. enjoying; being cool and laid back. Look at those guys grooving in front of the television set.
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in the groove

mod. cool; groovy; pleasant and delightful. (see also get in the groove.) Man, is that combo in the groove tonight!
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stone groove

n. something really cool; a fine party or concert. This affair is not what I would call a stone groove. Stone beige, maybe.
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in the groove

Performing exceptionally well.
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The rear outer compressed grooves are located laterally outside the rear inner compressed grooves to extend longitudinally down the absorbent article.
This G75 routine can be used to efficiently create numerous evenly spaced grooves.
It was Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash who brought the grooves, those funky rock grooves, out into the open, you know?
If that drilled roll has grooving added, (usually 8 grooves per inch, .
The author gives helpful information regarding how to play certain rhythms and progressions, what theoretical elements and voicings are taking place in the various grooves and how to make one's playing of smooth jazz more stylistically correct.
If the belt bottoms out on a pulley, the grooves are too worn and the pulley should be replaced,
The helical grooves provide low and consistent installation forces, as compared to common solid pins.
While a speed hump extends across the full width of a street, a speed lump is broken into sections, with grooves that align with the wheels of fire trucks, enabling them to sail gently over the slopes.
The patented solution of the activated grooved feed section enables one to change the number of grooves, taper angle and, connected with it, groove depth.
When classifying lip prints, experts divide distinguishing labial wrinkles and grooves of the lips into two categories--simple and compound.
Harold Swash, known as the European putting doctor, introduced the innovative theory of concentric grooves in 1995.
Key statement: Five land portions on tread surface are demarcated by four main grooves that extend in a tire circumferential direction TC.
The axial grooves are said to improve mixing, raise output, and allow material to run at lower temperatures.
By adding grooves to the surface of a common oil-skimming device, researchers recovered up to three times as much oil as they did with smooth-surfaced devices.