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groom someone as something

to prepare someone for a job or position. He was grooming his son as his successor. They groomed Charles as the next treasurer.
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groom someone for something

to prepare someone for something; to prepare someone to be someone. The boss is grooming his son for the presidency of the company. They are grooming the vice president for the top position.
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The Supreme Court ruled that the police department demonstrated a rational connection between the grooming regulation and the promotion of safety of persons and property.
Downtown Doghouse, where every stylist has show or competitive grooming experience.
4 -- ran in AV edition only) An inmate gives a haircut to Grizz, a collie-husky mix, at the grooming facility at the Pitchess Honor Ranch.
Though the grooming in areas like Pattee Canyon is done on a volunteer basis by a local organization, the government picks up the tab for building properly designed ski trails, which can cost several thousand dollars per kilometer.
Discover the latest personal grooming appliance designs from China
It makes sense, in his view, that at least one of these evolutionarily ancient genes influences the comparably ancient grooming practices of vertebrates.
These ladies do an outstanding job,'' said Christine Weidenheimer, who brings in her flat-coated retriever and Labrador mix every two months for grooming.
The European male grooming market will grow at an annual rate of 4.
McGrew first noted grooming chimps clasping hands in 1975 in a now-disbanded Mihale chimp group.
You find out how much compassion you have when you're grooming a dog and you know he's going to be killed if he doesn't get a home,'' said 48-year-old inmate Rodney Gammage.
The new FLASHWAVE 4500 MSSP is specifically engineered to support ultra high-capacity, core grooming applications that traditionally require a high-cost Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS), or the deployment of a completely new, large-scale MSSP network element.
As adults, the recipients of the exuberant licking and grooming display signs of a reduced responsiveness to stress, the scientists hold.
She approached the City Council and made the request that resulted in the donation of the 12-by-60-foot trailer that houses the grooming facility.
TranSwitch(R) Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC), a leading developer and global supplier of innovative, high speed VLSI semiconductor solutions, today announced the PHAST(R)-48V (TXC-06965) framer that delivers carrier-grade tributary grooming and cross-connect capability for telecom networks.
But if you gotta do it, you might as well improve lives, inmates in the dog grooming program at the Peter J.