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groan about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you groaning about? She is groaning about her work.
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groan something out

to say something with a groan. He groaned the name out. He groaned out the name of his assailant before he passed out.
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groan under something

1. Lit. to groan while bearing a heavy burden. He groaned under the weight of the trunk. The rafters groaned under the heavy weight of the pianos.
2. Fig. to suffer under a burden. For years, the people had groaned under the cruel ruler. England groaned under the rule of Cromwell just as he had groaned under King Charles.
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groan with something

to groan because of something, such as pain. She groaned with pain, but no one helped her. I think the old man was groaning with boredom more than anything else.
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groan box

n. an accordion. (see also (squeeze-)box.) Clare is pretty good on the groan box.
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These two words - these groaningly laden concepts - dependency and choice - are arguably the two most powerful abstractions governing women's lives in the United States.
The fabulous troupes of Chinese acrobats I've seen elevate such stunts to a fine art; Streb reduces them to a level of basic competence with off-putting bids for our sympathy at what she makes groaningly hard work.
Lucas, who here serves as writer and producer, cannot seem to keep the nonsense swimming around his head from escaping onto the screen and this installment's failings are largely down to those groaningly bad ideas that have Lucas written all over them, such as that terrible title.
They've been mixing it at Mechu, part of the slick development on what we may now have to refer to, groaningly, as summerrow.
Among the tasks they face in their 10 masochistic days is the first challenge: Walking up and down a mountain with a groaningly heavy rucksack.
But once the credits roll, it's all downhill with uninspired set pieces, tedious plot developments and groaningly bad acting.
And all of it is given a groaningly dreadful validity amongst a great deal of humour.