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groan about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you groaning about? She is groaning about her work.
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groan something out

to say something with a groan. He groaned the name out. He groaned out the name of his assailant before he passed out.
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groan under something

1. Lit. to groan while bearing a heavy burden. He groaned under the weight of the trunk. The rafters groaned under the heavy weight of the pianos.
2. Fig. to suffer under a burden. For years, the people had groaned under the cruel ruler. England groaned under the rule of Cromwell just as he had groaned under King Charles.
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groan with something

to groan because of something, such as pain. She groaned with pain, but no one helped her. I think the old man was groaning with boredom more than anything else.
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groan under the weight of something

(written) used to say that there is a lot or too much of something: The dining table was groaning under the weight of all the food.
The phrase suggests that something such as a table is making a low noise because there is too much weight on it.
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groan box

n. an accordion. (see also (squeeze-)box.) Clare is pretty good on the groan box.
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A I can only find a listing for The Old Groaner singing Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi on Brunswick 04738.
I've yet to meet a home groaner who was desperate for a job cleaning toilets but was done out of it by some pesky Pole or other "bloody foreigner".
Other awards went to Gwyneth Dunwoody, the Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich, who was Oldie Battleaxe of the Year, and to George Melly, the jazz musician, as Oldie Groaner of the Year.
We probably shouldn't add to your pain, but we are about to unleash another Christmas groaner.
THIS week your sleuth found his game in the Garioch, home of the Groaner Stone.
The song also appeared in Blue Skies ('46), again with Bing and Fred, so it's no wonder we always associate The Old Groaner with the classic Irving Berlin song which could bring tears to a glass eye (MCA 111).
By the time the sky began to lighten, we had worked in close to the groaner.
Whether for the hardcore wrestling fan or casual grunt 'n' groaner gamer, it promises to be the most fun you can have without strapping on a neon leotard.
A John Wilkes Booth gag in reference to "Lincoln" was a bit of a groaner, perhaps intentionally, while MacFarlane relied on his alter ego, the cuddly teddy bear from his directorial debut "Ted," to make a crack about a post-Oscar orgy at Jack Nicholson's house.
Wilson's novel about computers gone mad to be a work of Proustian sophistication, but the real surprise is what a groaner it is.
It can be a witty one-liner or a satirical comment through to a Knock, knock-style groaner, we want to hear them.
What the England people like about him as well as his versatility is he is not a moaner or groaner, even when things are not going right for him, and that he is a low-maintenance player who is never any trouble.
The biggest groaner in the book is Santorum's section on good versus bad culture.
That's exactly the essence of it, take Batman seriously,'' says ``Begins'' director and co-screenwriter Christopher Nolan, whose concept for a dramatic origin story won out over several others to revive the lucrative movie franchise that the reviled ``Batman & Robin,'' with its benippled Batsuit and groaner Arnold Schwarzenegger lines, all but demolished in 1997.
Only at one point in the original film did crowds erupt into applause, cheering, and laughter: not when the monster was vanquished at the end, not when he trots down the Ginza, not even during some of the groaner moments of weak special-effects work, but instead when Godzilla sashays through the Diet Building.