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groan under the weight of (something)

To be in danger of collapsing due to supporting someone or something that is too heavy. Come on, the shelves are practically groaning under the weight of all those book—can't we remove a few of them?
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groan about someone or something

to complain about someone or something. What are you groaning about? She is groaning about her work.
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groan something out

to say something with a groan. He groaned the name out. He groaned out the name of his assailant before he passed out.
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groan under something

1. Lit. to groan while bearing a heavy burden. He groaned under the weight of the trunk. The rafters groaned under the heavy weight of the pianos.
2. Fig. to suffer under a burden. For years, the people had groaned under the cruel ruler. England groaned under the rule of Cromwell just as he had groaned under King Charles.
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groan with something

to groan because of something, such as pain. She groaned with pain, but no one helped her. I think the old man was groaning with boredom more than anything else.
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groan under the weight of something

(written) used to say that there is a lot or too much of something: The dining table was groaning under the weight of all the food.
The phrase suggests that something such as a table is making a low noise because there is too much weight on it.
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groan box

n. an accordion. (see also (squeeze-)box.) Clare is pretty good on the groan box.
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Titus Groan (1946) tells of Titus's infancy in the dank castle of Gormenghast, a crumbling medieval monstrosity surrounded by the mud huts of the "outer dwellers.
Now they'll groan and deny that too, by trying to get their audience to repeat after them: "Oil is a bonus, not the basis of Scotland's finances.
His Titus Groan novels--consisting of Titus Groan (1946), Gormenghast (1950), and Titus Alone (1959)--display a gallery of eccentric and freakish characters in an idiosyncratic gothic setting.
You expect them to emit a steely sea-like crashing roar, and indeed in certain weather conditions they do creak and groan.
With one-liners you have to be quick so the audience doesn't have time to groan.
Wald describes the quake as beginning with a low groan that eventually turned into a loud chorus of both long- and short-period shaking.
The shelves of Spanish supermarkets now groan under the weight of vastly-increased haircare ranges, segmented by hair type, hair colour, function, ingredients and added benefit.
According to lead researcher Dr Alan McElligott, fallow bucks produce a call or groan, both to attract mates, and repel competing males.
I was asked to moan, groan, shriek and be the ugliest and fattest animated character in history for this movie,'' said Turner of her role as the 700-pound fat lady that rules the roost.
The keeper dives, and the shot gets saved, or it drops into the back of the net, the fans sigh or groan on cue, and the game goes on.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- While millions of Americans who suffer joint pain groan at the next dose of bad news about the dangers of arthritis medicine like Bextra, Vioxx and now Tylenol, those who promote healthy alternatives to these pharmaceuticals are speaking out and giving hope.
When the pensioner let out a groan, the cat jumped off the bed, ran to the living room and flew through the air to pull the alarm cord.
The technology helped Fox provide up-to-the-minute research, script and graphics preparation, and network management - as well as the statistics that give fans an additional reason to cheer or groan.
EAR WE GROAN Pundit doing Sex is on Fire REVELLERS had to endure some Fog on the Whine when Geordie football hero Alan Shearer stood up for a spot of karaoke.
How soon before Shaq starts to moan and groan and sulk and bulk up about Pat Riley's too-intense practices?