grist to the mill

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(all) grist to the mill

  (British, American & Australian) also grist for your mill (American)
something that you can use in order to help you to succeed As an actor, all experience is grist to the mill.
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A nod here, a wink there, possible links to the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963 - all grist to the mill of the conspiracy theorists.
That said, though, it is all grist to the mill, isn't it?
Grist to the mill for Spitting Image and Private Eye, no doubt.
But although not carrying the same sort of prestige in the greyhound world, the double is grist to the mill for this hugely successful dam line, whose members include Dee Lady's half-brother He Knows (Slaneyside Hare-I Know You) and I Know You's litter-brother Ballinderry Ash.
Unfortunately, such expeditions as the one about to be undertaken by the French only adds grist to the mill for club chairmen who are looking to palm off all insurance costs onto football associations.
All grist to the mill of those arguing for the UK to leave the EU.
THE fact Cardiff Bay is talking about possible reforms to the way the National Assembly is being elected will be further grist to the mill for those who think it's obsessed with navel-gazing - but it doesn't mean its repercussions aren't important.
From a mortgage perspective this is just more grist to the mill of keeping interest rates low.
Grist to the mill of all critics who say they have yet to prove they can do it in the biggest of games.
So all the to-ing and fro-ing, ultimatums and brinkmanship are everyday grist to the mill and, actually, what enlivens what is, after all, just another business negotiation.
There will undoubtedly be more challenges along the way when we get into the detailed design, but it is grist to the mill for us.
More grist to the mill of those who argue that there are far too many comedians in Edinburgh these days.
Meanwhile it is all grist to the mill for John Robinson, of Coalisland, Co.
Behind the 400 "action points" in the manifesto - grist to the mill for political anoraks, but for nobody else - is Labour's understanding that job prospects, for themselves and their children, are the overriding concern of mostWelsh voters.
Nonetheless, Carson Yeung's contacts across the other side of the world, and football ambassadors like Steve McMananman and Christian Karembeu tied to him, meant more grist to the mill.