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The Gun & Palm Grips feature 3M(TM) gripping material technology.
Using the 3M gripping technology, the material adheres to the spray gun handle.
The IRWIN VISE-GRIP 5CR features a self-energizing lower jaw that provides 3X more gripping power than traditional locking pliers.
The Multi-Pliers also feature a hex key adjusting screw, which tightens and draws materials closer together for tighter gripping, and loosens to provide controlled release.
Keeping the bow hand relaxed and not actually gripping the bow helps prevent the archer from putting additional torque on the bow, which can create inconsistent arrow placement.
Just getting that little finger up on the frontstrap isn't enough; we must get enough of it up there to take advantage of the considerable gripping strength it can provide.
The GRIPS are designed to increase a person's Gripability(TM) and combat the muscular tension and fatigue in the hands, wrists and forearms that occur when gripping the bar during workouts.
They're good for joining wood together because wood fibers grip, but they're not effective in materials like wallboard, plaster or masonry because these materials offer little or no gripping power.
I'm sure if I'd shot those bows a lot I would eventually have gotten used to gripping them in the method required for good arrow flight, but what's the point?
Niewoehner of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, indicates that Neadertals from the Middle East and Europe had hands with a structure well-suited to gripping relatively broad objects, such as pieces of stone that they used to hammer flakes off smaller stones.
Always shake the bottle before applying gripping compound.
According to the company, this gripping technology has been giving golfers longer drives with less effort, since it was introduced last summer, and now is found to increase the performance of batters in softball and baseball.
The X17 grips achieve a 360[degrees] wrap-around of the sample, which due to the exponential relationship of the capstan effect, squares the gripping friction on the sample.