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gripe at someone

to complain to someone. Stop griping at me! There is no need to gripe at your little brother.
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gripe one's soul

Inf. to annoy someone. That kind of thing really gripes my soul! John, have I ever told you that you gripe my soul?
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(to someone or something) (about someone or something) to make specific complaints to someone about someone or something. Don't gripe to me about what she said to you! There is no need to gripe about the job to everyone.

gripe one’s ass

and gripes one’s butt
tv. to annoy someone; to bother or irritate someone. (Usually objectionable.) You really gripe my ass when you act like that! That jerk really gripes my butt!
See also: ass, gripe

gripes one’s butt

See also: butt, gripe

gripe one’s soul

tv. to annoy someone. That kind of thing really gripes my soul!
See also: gripe, soul
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This is a reason that the pneumatic elements are the good chose for the gripers driver.
Lawyers for gripers agree that the threat of a lawsuit is often enough to make operators shut down their sites.
I am one of the biggest gripers in town, but I am nothing but thankful for LTD.
Gripers aside, listening to valid suggestions such as the following may actually be beneficial:
There will be defeatists and gripers, but it seems to me that the war is going as well as can be expected.
It appears in language that is "broken," and at times boldly colloquial: here, for example, is the familiar community of political gripers who communicate easily through jokes and quick allusions, and find ample opportunity to use a common language of irony.
Although Dallas Burn coach David Dir likened the Galaxy players to a cast of insulting gripers heading into Sunday, at least they weren't the ones who emerged from the Rose Bowl as a bunch of cheaters.
No doubt the snipers and gripers would prefer to see our Royals in twinsets and pearls or whalebone corsets -- but that's not Edward's style.
Features range from basic spray functions to units with up to 10 spray and massager selectors with a hose attachement, non-slip gripers and other step-up features.