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gripe at someone

to complain to someone. Stop griping at me! There is no need to gripe at your little brother.
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gripe one's soul

Inf. to annoy someone. That kind of thing really gripes my soul! John, have I ever told you that you gripe my soul?
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(to someone or something) (about someone or something) to make specific complaints to someone about someone or something. Don't gripe to me about what she said to you! There is no need to gripe about the job to everyone.

gripe one’s ass

and gripes one’s butt
tv. to annoy someone; to bother or irritate someone. (Usually objectionable.) You really gripe my ass when you act like that! That jerk really gripes my butt!
See also: ass, gripe

gripes one’s butt

See also: butt, gripe

gripe one’s soul

tv. to annoy someone. That kind of thing really gripes my soul!
See also: gripe, soul
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She did not use an app like Gripe to frictionlessly send out a complaint to her million Twitter followers at the first twinge of irritation.
But companies have been less successful in using ACPA to stop gripe sites.
Sin embargo, esto no significa necesariamente que Tallandia y otros palses asiaticos se vayan a recuperar y tampoco que se haya pasado la amenaza de la gripe aviar.
Three main tables--image information, test bank items with associated images, and test bank items without associated images--were exported from the FileMaker Pro-based GRIPE databases into ASCII text format.
IT failure, temperature, noise and interruptions annoy office workers the most, according to a study to assess the most common office gripes in organisations in the UK and US.
He had an arguably legitimate gripe on the first exam, alleging that he should have gotten six more points.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a drug alert over Woodward's Gripe Water, which is alcohol and sugar-free.
Regular Western Mail readers will be aware of my ongoing gripe against short- sighted patricians and orthodox historians who cannot accept the concept that Arthur, King of all the Britons, was Welsh and that most of his activity and that of the ensuing Dark Age, took place in Wales and along its borders.
I signed off the transmitter gripe and went back to 500, where they were installing the new indicator.
Suffering from occasional sib envy, you may have told your BFF to get a grip on her family gripes a time or two.
something has happened to Maren Gripe, as far as I can tell she jumped off the mainmast of a ship and no one can tell if she is dead or alive.
A: During my seven years at the Goldwater Institute, I enjoyed immensely the ability to gripe, complain, and moan about public policy and have none of the accountability that comes with elected office.
com or contacting Lena Bjurfors at +46 8 697 3092 or Marianne Gripe at +46 8 697 3427.
He said: "If they want to have a gripe then wait till the end of the season and then they can have a gripe at me - if we don't achieve what we hope to that is.