grind away

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grind something away

to remove something by grinding. Grind the bumps away and make the wall smooth. Please grind away the bumps.
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grind away (at something)

to crush something into particles continually. The machine ground away at the rocks, making tons of gravel. It ground away, making a terrible noise in the process.
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grind away

(at someone) Fig. to needle, criticize, and nag someone continually. Why are you always grinding away at me? Leave me alone. Stop grinding away!
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grind away

1. To remove something by grinding: You need to grind the spurs away with a file. The optician ground away the glass from the lens.
2. To devote oneself to study or work: She ground away at the problem. We told him to get some sleep before the exam, but he kept grinding away.
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One in 10 end up working in administrative or secretarial jobs and much the same proportion grind away in sales or customer services.
The 385-employee steel and iron alloy facility casts wear parts such as cone crusher bowl liners and mantles, dragline chain, coal pulverizer tires for power plants, cooler grates for cement plants and rotor caps for auto shredders, all of which encounter enough wear and tear on the job to grind away the casting surface and require frequent replacement.
Tampa Bay, however, continued to grind away and its efforts paid dividends at 16:02 when Kesa tied the game with his second goal.
You play all the year on your own grinding away and it's just nice to grind away with someone else for a change.
He may not be a Kevin Pietersen, thank goodness, or a Freddie Flintoff, but he can captain a side, win matches from dire situations, play aggressively, or grind away as necessary.
He'll look to grind away and stay around the treble-20 bed and I know that if I give him chances he'll take them out.
We had a few big players missing today anda bit of a disjointed side out and we just had to grind away.
This has already caused a number of your former fellow employees to leave, and these feelings are going to grind away at you until some of the unknowns about the future are removed.
There's no need to grind away metal we'll end up machining, unless it's a safety issue.
We had a few big players missing today and a bit of a disjointed side out and we just had to grind away.