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grieve for someone or something

to mourn for someone or something. Don't grieve for me. I'm okay. She grieved for her lost chances.
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grieve over someone or something

to lament and pine for someone or something. Now, don't grieve over a lost cat. There is no reason to continue grieving over him.
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What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over.

Prov. You cannot be upset by something you do not know about. When Robbie cracked his mother's favorite vase, he simply turned the cracked side toward the wall. "What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over," he thought.
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SPEEDWAY star James Grieves is ready to fight fire with fire in a bid to save his farewell meeting.
Grieves has been banned from returning to the area he terrorised when he was involved in a major stand-off with armed police.
PC Grieves had been called to reports of a taxi driver who had been allegedly attacked by a man with a meat cleaver, who had then holed himself up in a flat in North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, at around 7.
1 Grieves has been impressed by Tigers' swift moves in the transfer market.
Newcastle Magistrates Court heard Grieves was one of a number of fans arrested when he ran on to the pitch after the final whistle was blown before being tackled by stewards and led away.
Staff, clients and their relatives and friends have already made donations but more toys are needed and people should take them to Grieves Solicitors.
Mr Grieves, who was from Claudy, Co Derry, was returning from work at Portglenone PSNI station.
Mehringer says, “As a grief counselor, I see it all the time in the personal struggles of my clients: our society doesn't permit us to grieve.
GLASGOW ace James Grieves aims to continue where he left off last Sunday when the Tigers face Berwick Bandits today at Ashfield.
Children grieve differently than adults, and their need to grieve in their own way is sometimes overlooked," said Vorsheck.
And ex-Grand Prix referee Tony Steel also blamed Grieves for sending Newcastle teenager Jonas Raun into the fence as they battled for the lead in the final heat.
By the filmic technique of capturing the beloved, one fixes the image: one exalts even as one grieves.
This quietest of the solos shows a woman who grieves more internally than externally.
Each child grieves differently, depending upon the age and developmental stage of the child.
FORMER Glasgow Tigers hard man James Grieves has told the club's riders to up their game when it comes to post-race feuds.