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get (a lot of) grief (from someone)

To receive strong criticism, disapproval, or judgment (for something). I got a lot of grief from my parents over my decision to pursue a degree in art rather than law or medicine. I'm going to get grief from my boss for that accounting error I made last week. John stills gets a lot of grief for that time his pants fell down in the middle of class.
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give (one) grief

To criticize or tease someone. Once my brother hears that I hit a parked car, he'll give me grief about it for years to come. I'm pretty sure that Kevin likes Katie, so I keep giving him grief about it.
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come to grief

Fig. to experience something unpleasant or damaging. In the end, he came to grief because he did not follow instructions.
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Good grief!

Inf. an exclamation of surprise, shock, or amazement. Alice: Good grief! I'm late! Mary: That clock's fast. You're probably okay on time. Bill: There are seven newborn kittens under the sofa! Jane: Good grief!
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come to grief

(slightly formal)
to end badly His career as a lawyer came to grief after he became involved with gamblers.
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good grief

I am very surprised "I have four computers at home" "Good grief. What do you do with them all?"
Usage notes: often used humorously, when someone pretends that a situation is more serious than it really is: Good grief, look at all this food! Are you feeding an army?
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come to grief

to suddenly fail in what you are doing, often because you have an accident The Italian champion was in second position when he came to grief on the third lap.
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give somebody grief

to criticize someone angrily Don't give me any grief - I've done all I can! (informal)
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come to grief

Meet with disaster or failure. For example, The icy runway caused at least one light plane to come to grief. [Mid-1800s]
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good grief

An exclamation expressing surprise, alarm, dismay, or some other, usually negative emotion. For example, Good grief! You're not going to start all over again, or Good grief! He's dropped the cake. The term is a euphemism for "good God." [Early 1900s]
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come to grief

To meet with disaster; fail.
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References in classic literature ?
Almost mad with grief, and determined to venture everything in order to see Valentine once more, and be certain of the misfortune he feared, Morrel gained the edge of the clump of trees, and was going to pass as quickly as possible through the flower-garden, when the sound of a voice, still at some distance, but which was borne upon the wind, reached him.
Grief has consumed her," said Villefort -- "yes, grief, doctor
But Adam did not come down again; he was too weary and worn-out to encounter more of his mother's querulous grief, and he went to rest on his bed.
Poyser--she's my aunt, and she has heard of your great affliction, and is very sorry; and I'm come to see if I can be any help to you in your trouble; for I know your sons Adam and Seth, and I know you have no daughter; and when the clergyman told me how the hand of God was heavy upon you, my heart went out towards you, and I felt a command to come and be to you in the place of a daughter in this grief, if you will let me.
The reaction of joy was as passionate as his grief had been, and he hugged his recovered gems to his bosom.
That brought out the first signs of grief that he had shown.
Clayton could not but realize that the Frenchman felt his grief the more keenly because D'Arnot's sacrifice had been so futile, since Jane had been rescued before D'Arnot had fallen into the hands of the savages, and again because the service in which he had lost his life had been outside his duty and for strangers and aliens; but when he spoke of it to Lieutenant Charpentier, the latter shook his head.
I have lived without having any children, and it is probable I never shall have any, which to me is a cutting grief.
le Comte de la Fere, to console him for the grief he seems to suffer, and enable him to add more luster to his already glorious name.
Although these few words of Rosa's somewhat soothed the grief of Cornelius, yet he felt not the less the irony which was at the bottom of them.
It was not my anxiety about the tulip that has made me ill, but the grief at not seeing you.
the girls said to themselves as soon as their ebullition of grief was over.
She received them both uncomplainingly, and having accepted them, relapsed into her grief.
Such words, you may imagine, strongly excited my curiosity; but the paroxysm of grief that had seized the stranger overcame his weakened powers, and many hours of repose and tranquil conversation were necessary to restore his composure.
As he said this his countenance became expressive of a calm, settled grief that touched me to the heart.