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As Mumbo Jumbo opens, a "a psychic epidemic" known as Jes Grew is "creeping" across 1920s' America.
The researchers grew the needles at -15 [degrees] C.
Wes wonders whether the use of grew it is an aberration, "or a reflection of a trend.
A brief review can highlight only a few of the many important conclusions Grew and Harrigan reach.
Goldman grew up in various apartments around the Valley and never had a back yard.
Once plucked from trees that grew in the shade of taller fruit and hardwood trees, the beans ground for our morning java jolt today come largely from deforested acres of monoculture.
Doctors could have treated Muresan's gigantism by removing his tumor, but he grew up in a small village in Romania where treatment wasn't available.
When scientists there unintentionally grew a few maroon-colored carrots from a batch of Brazilian seeds, they couldn't resist cultivating the new hue.
These same species grew when the Indians lived here: oaks, hickories, maples, ashes, cherries, sweetgums, and tuliptrees.
In the collaboration, Sandia National Laboratories grew GaN on A-Sapph(TM) and sapphire reference substrates using MOCVD.
From the tiny towns of Bakersville in Mitchell county and Robbinsville in Graham county to the multiple markets of Asheville you will find farmers selling fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs that they grew themselves right here at home.
I have started several mango trees - from seeds in store- bought mangoes - that grew to about 30 inches tall and then died.
Hundreds of thousands of acres of hemp grew in Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.
As a result, Reid says, these trees "surprisingly" grew no fster than counterparts raised under ambient carbon dioxide levels.