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We used two measures of exposure to greenness to address different aspects of such an exposure.
The study found a gradually decreasing trend in Congo rainforest greenness, sometimes referred to as "browning," suggesting a slow adjustment to the long-term drying trend.
Calculation of greenness score for each road segment: Greenness score for each road segment = (GA/BA)* 100
They put consumers and their green lifestyle habits in the focus, thus rating the formulations according to the level of greenness aimed toward certain consumer profiles.
Given concerns with greenwashing, environmental strategy should be driven by customer interests (green motivation), product characteristics (functionality, ability to differentiate as green), distribution channel, and preexisting market claims (relative greenness of competing products) (Ginsberg and Bloom 2004, Harrison 1998, Ottman et al.
He started idling in front today and I put that down to greenness again, but he's definitely one for the future
And the shocking miracle of food, the rich salty seas of soups, the brawny burly honesty of bread, the cheer of beer, the startling greenness of beans and peas, the hilarious fluorescent orange of carrots, the steaming ears of corn in the shape of summer, the meats that muscle us, the sweet holy perfect water we sip.
Henrik came through to challenge on the rails inside the final two furlongs as Motivator, having only his second run, showed some signs of greenness.
Peter Dombrovskis's wonderful photo of Rock Island Bend on the August 2003 Habitat cover also brought back memories of an important step in my conversion to greenness.
The sense of swirling--a demiurgic maelstrom--informs all the sculptures here, even the implicitly figural; the vaguely nauseating, excitingly exotic, mottled jungle greenness of Green Early Forms, 2003, suggests it could have come out of some primordial ooze.
That's produced a more robust cabernet free of the greenness, or vegetal flavors, so common in Chilean cabs.
It is our hope that communities will peruse their records, talk with their oldest citizens, and then find and rededicate or restore these memorials, remembering their original intent, as described in the pages of this magazine more than 80 years ago: "The trees will be, in their very greenness and robust strength, reminders of the youths who gave their vigor to win the big war.
While the technology is yet to be adapted to measuring crop growth, the greenness index of the images gives farmers a rough idea of how well their crops are growing.
We have always held her in high regard and it was a combination of greenness and inexperience that beat her on her debut at Leopardstown last month," he says.
When we looked at the pictures of Skye on the internet, we loved the mist and the greenness.