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So far, 54 cities and 23 federal agencies have adopted LEED standards for buildings, says Bill Browning, senior fellow for Rocky Mountain Institute and co-author of Green Development: Integrating Ecology and Real Estate.
The council also provided $75,000 to the New York Industrial Retention Network both to access the number of manufacturing companies based in the city that might have or would be willing to incorporate green materials into their supply, and to help link those manufacturers up with contractors and architects.
Some creative options include a colorful edible fruit bouquet, an arrangement of beautiful greens, a watermelon and flower fruit medley or a vase filled with gorgeous artichokes and anthuriums.
While other camps offer some of these program components, Green River is careful to consistently apply these principles throughout its entire program.
With its affiliation with Green Seal, Wausau Paper/Bay West has put even more emphasis on its recycled towel and tissue products.
This growth indicates that the environment is ripe for corporate building owners to consider incorporating green elements into construction plans.
In 2006, they plan to triple their number of our consumer events and grow each program to increase national consumer awareness of the tangible benefits of green spaces.
What the hell is this mantra Ruth Conniff keeps repeating about us Greens running against the Democrats ("Greens at a Crossroads," August issue)?
Green architects, on the other hand, tend to be motivated by operative and humanistic rather than formal concerns.
Green Bird distinguishes itself from other Japanese tea cafes with its high-quality tea leaves, because it's run by a tea producer," says Terao, who is on staff at Surugajyaya, the direct operator of Green Bird.
Fortunately for Stockholmers, with so much lush green space, their parks offer much more than just recreation.
Soft Green environmentalism doesn't need tangible evidence of harm.
Green has unearthed the foremothers of Schafley in the turn-of-the century South.