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greasy spoon

A small restaurant or diner, especially one that serves fried foods. Every time I go on a road trip, I make it a point to stop at a greasy spoon for at least one of my meals.
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greasy spoon

Fig. a cheap diner, where the silverware might not be too clean. The corner greasy spoon is always busy at lunchtime.
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a greasy spoon

a small, cheap restaurant which mainly serves fried food of a low quality There's a greasy spoon on the corner of his street where he usually has breakfast.
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the greasy pole

  (British & Australian)
the attempt to improve your position at work His ascent up the greasy pole of academic advancement was remarkably quick.
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greasy spoon

A cheap restaurant, especially one serving short-order fried foods. For example, College students short of cash tend to eat a lot in that greasy spoon. This expression also implies that the restaurant is not very clean. [c. 1900]
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greasy spoon

n. an untidy and unappetizing diner or restaurant. Let’s eat at the greasy spoon over on Maple. The food is gross, but the people-watching is good.
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References in classic literature ?
Thank you, thank you,' said the professional gentleman, taking up another of the greasy notes as Mr.
However, it did take a while to work the cream into my hands and the cream felt a bit greasy on application, but my hands stayed soft all morning.
But many people wear too little sunscreen or don't reapply it often enough - complaining they don't like the greasy, sticky feel that cream, oil, and lotion leaves on their body.
A DELICIOUS maize and potato snack that had a great flavour, but they were a bit too salty and greasy.
99) Verdict:This is no nonsense in plain packaging with no fancy scent but it blitzes the dry bits and lasts well without being overly greasy for a low cost.
WITH lank greasy hair and a frumpy grey hoodie, Britney Spears looks more Frank Gallagher than glamorous pop star.
It is quite greasy, however, so it put me off using it on my face and body.
99Despite claims to the contrary, this low-cost product - okay for a last minute addition to a holiday bag - does leave a greasy film on general application.
Mildly seasoned, not too greasy and far too good to eat with a dip or sauce.
Mr Langrish said it was clear that deliveries of greasy wool were caught up in the general ban on all products from UK livestock, imposed by China in February 2001.
Adrian White, head of Europcar, said: 'We have been amazed by the fantastic response we have had to the awards after our research found that greasy spoons have actually been slipping behind trendy theme pubs and mass market restaurant chains.
Modiano is ranked among the top 1,000 companies in Australia, and is part of a global group of wool buyers and exporters, supplying wool tops as well as greasy and scoured wool.
79) VERDICT: Leaves a slightly greasy film but gives good hydration which lasts.
IT'S a case of who ate all the French fries - Man Utd star Wayne Rooney scoffs greasy chicken and chips during a EuroDisney break.
GREASY breakfasts with cat hairs are something that I do not recall as a feature of John Lennon's former home Mendips (ThereAre Places We Remember ECHO July 21).