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greasy spoon

A small restaurant or diner, especially one that serves fried foods. Every time I go on a road trip, I make it a point to stop at a greasy spoon for at least one of my meals.
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greasy spoon

Fig. a cheap diner, where the silverware might not be too clean. The corner greasy spoon is always busy at lunchtime.
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a greasy spoon

a small, cheap restaurant which mainly serves fried food of a low quality There's a greasy spoon on the corner of his street where he usually has breakfast.
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the greasy pole

  (British & Australian)
the attempt to improve your position at work His ascent up the greasy pole of academic advancement was remarkably quick.
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greasy spoon

A cheap restaurant, especially one serving short-order fried foods. For example, College students short of cash tend to eat a lot in that greasy spoon. This expression also implies that the restaurant is not very clean. [c. 1900]
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greasy spoon

n. an untidy and unappetizing diner or restaurant. Let’s eat at the greasy spoon over on Maple. The food is gross, but the people-watching is good.
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50, for choppy styles because it separates and adds texture without greasiness.
The cream sinks in quickly, without a hint of greasiness, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth - and smelling delightful.
Absorption: Absorbs easily leaving no greasiness or stickiness
The HyClinda formulations were well tolerated and showed improvements in cosmetic acceptability, producing less evidence of stinging and skin greasiness.
It may also be mixed with natural oils to reduce greasiness.
If your hair is short and prone to greasiness, it's best to avoid intensive treatments altogether.
The three HIT based formulations were well tolerated, and showed improvements in cosmetic acceptability producing less evidence of stinging and skin greasiness.
Provides excellent barrier and a soft and substantive feel with less tack and greasiness than lanolin.
It also provides maximum curl definition and lasting style retention without stiffness or greasiness.
because it reduces the skin's greasiness by decreasing and normalising sebum production.
The result in formulations is added cushion and play-time on initial application, smooth non-draggy rubout and a light emollient after-feel without tack or greasiness similar to that of silicone.