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greasy spoon

A small restaurant or diner, especially one that serves fried foods. Every time I go on a road trip, I make it a point to stop at a greasy spoon for at least one of my meals.
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greasy spoon

Fig. a cheap diner, where the silverware might not be too clean. The corner greasy spoon is always busy at lunchtime.
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a greasy spoon

a small, cheap restaurant which mainly serves fried food of a low quality There's a greasy spoon on the corner of his street where he usually has breakfast.
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the greasy pole

  (British & Australian)
the attempt to improve your position at work His ascent up the greasy pole of academic advancement was remarkably quick.
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greasy spoon

A cheap restaurant, especially one serving short-order fried foods. For example, College students short of cash tend to eat a lot in that greasy spoon. This expression also implies that the restaurant is not very clean. [c. 1900]
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greasy spoon

n. an untidy and unappetizing diner or restaurant. Let’s eat at the greasy spoon over on Maple. The food is gross, but the people-watching is good.
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This comes in two forms the greasier preparation which you insert at night, and a thinner drop formulation that gets used through the day to keep the eyes from becoming gritty.
With rain streaming down relentlessly and the pitch getting greasier by the minute, the match almost resembled an exhibition of the sliding tackle, though some poorly-timed challenges sparked several unseemly confrontations between the two sets of players.
Six hours later, with hair greasier than Danny Zucko's, I learnt that this precious potion should only be used in teeny tiny measures.
A recent moisture study found that the shielding lotion, Skin MD Natural, with its sheer elegant formula, showed a remarkable ability to increase its moisturizing properties over time, when compared to heavier, greasier creams and oils which had to be reapplied frequently.
The chips tasted reasonably fresh at first, but their apparent initial crispness gave way to a softer, greasier mush which made them increasingly less appetising the more I ate.
Verdict: Leaves your hair in exactly the position you want it without the greasier feel of wax.
However, this masa yields greasier tamales (because it contains more lard than homemade masa), advises Ramirez.
It was as if the Turks were playing on a banana-infested ice rink, except greasier.
Strolling around a mall's food court, you might wonder if one vendor's fries are greasier than another's.
Cheeseburgers are even worse: You'd be better off buying a greasy Burger King Cheeseburger Deluxe than a greasier MicroMagic frozen Cheeseburger.
Furthermore, male skin tends to be greasier due to the higher rate of sebum production and the micro flora is different in women's skin.
e d g d r he se Leftover gifts Now the festive fog has cleared, it's apparent that you've received three copies of Jamie's 15-Minute Meals and enough Body Shop lotions to keep you greasier than a North Sea fisherman.
With the Welsh summer rain now typically hammering down, the ball was a lot greasier making the second half a complete contrast.
They will have a shinier, greasier look to them because of the nature of the product, and will tend to crease when they've been on the skin.