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LPS Laboratories was started in 1961 when LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant was first introduced.
Other features include a No-Flex platen design, a clamp with an improved greaseless solution for stack molds, and injection speeds up to 200 cu in.
They look for products that will protect the skin from the hazardous effects of the sun, yet are greaseless, light and noncomedogenic, especially when applied to the face.
In a major departure from oil-filled runners in use since the 1920s, GE Hydro has successfully implemented reduced-oil or oil-free Kaplan turbine designs that include oil-free runners, hubs and greaseless bushings.
This greaseless, gentle and unscented lotion is used to massage away minor aches and strains for fast-acting relief and is great for on-the-go use.
Standard features: High-response BOSCH proportional valves, self-lubricating clamp unit, greaseless moving platen bearing guides, CDC-2000 PC-based controller.
This greaseless lotion is designed to temporarily straighten wavy, curly or permed hair.
In addition, our efforts at developing our proprietary thermoset extrusion technology, to be used in the production of durable, greaseless S-cam bushings, are close to bearing fruit as initial test results with Waste Management and Rollins Trucking Company have been excellent.
The formula is also greaseless, smoothing and weightless and does not contain polymers or resins, according to executives.
The Company has also developed a revolutionary new product, a greaseless S-CAM Axle Bushing, which is supported by its proprietary thermo-set molding technology.
The clear jelly is completely greaseless and penetrates thoroughly into the skin bringing hydration to every cell adding tone and elasticity and a firmer more youthful appearance.
Friction, heat build-up, mold wear, and part-quality problems are all said to be minimized by a new Greaseless Mold Carrier and Alignment System (GMCAS) from Holmes Engineering, LLC, Lawrence, Kan.
Also available from the company is Sul-Ray Acne Treatment cream, a greaseless, tinted cream that blends into the skin to heal existing acne and help prevent new acne from forming.
Under terms of the agreement, Salton/Maxim will design and market the new George Foreman Fusion Grills(R), which enhances the performance of the extremely successful line of greaseless grills.
Australian Dream is odorless, greaseless, dye-free and capsaicin-free, so it will not irritate or burn the skin.